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NFL Divisional Round – 2020


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Examining teams likely to play fast or slow, determining fantasy opportunities players

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DFS breakdown of Titans at Ravens



Evan Silva’s Matchups Column
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DFS Top Plays

Levitan: Player Props I Bet



Showdown: SNF



High stakes review


Recent Articles

Episode 46: Silva’s Top-5s for 2020

Episode 46: Silva’s Top-5s for 2020

It’s never too early to start thinking about the 2020 season. Evan Silva releases his top-5s at each position and discusses his thought process with Adam Levitan. They also hit on players with paths to sneak into the top-5.

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Episode 46: Silva’s Top-5s for 2020

Episode 43: Free Agency Preview

Adam Levitan and Evan Silva discuss Evan’s Top-100 Unrestricted Free Agent list, highlighting notable situations and potential landing spots. Is Tom Brady dust? Why will Hunter Henry be so sought after?

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Episode 46: Silva’s Top-5s for 2020

Episode 42: One-on-One with Taylor Caby

Adam Levitan sits down with Taylor Caby, a nosebleed-stakes NFL DFS player and a co-founder of Establish The Run. They touch on Taylor’s rise to the top of the poker world, starting successful businesses in the gambling space, running a DFS site (RIP DraftDay), the current state of the DFS/sports betting industry and lots more. 

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Showdown Breakdown: Pro Bowl

Showdown Breakdown: Pro Bowl

Sunday’s Pro Bowl Showdown slate features Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson and some of the league’s top fantasy performers. The ETR staff highlights historical data, playing time information and general slate strategies.

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