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What is Establish The Run?

Establish The Run is a premium football analysis site. We create content to help our subscribers better understand the NFL, with an emphasis on providing timely and accurate insights that will help subscribers better digest what has happened and predict what will happen next.


Who should subscribe to Establish the Run?

We’d like to think anyone who wants to learn more about the NFL will find value in our products. That said, our content is not for everyone. We have a particular focus creating information that is useful for gambling on the NFL, whether it be for daily fantasy sports, season long fantasy sports, or sports betting. We think people who are serious about improving their results in those activities will find good value in what we offer.


There’s plenty of free content or much cheaper content than Establish The Run’s products, why should I subscribe?

We think that a problem today is there is actually so much NFL information readily accessible that it can be distracting at best and misleading at worst. It’s overwhelming to sift through the news and opinions of the day. Your time is valuable, your subscription is paying for a trustworthy source to sift through the noise and deliver timely, reliable information.


Why is your site called “Establish The Run?”

There is an adage in some NFL circles that teams should “establish the run” in order to improve their chances of winning (we are skeptical). We also aim to make Establish The Run a place for those who look to give themselves their best shot at establishing a gambling run.


What is the Establish The Run the “In-Season” package?

Starting September 3rd, through the Super Bowl, we create content each week that helps subscribers digest what happened the previous NFL week and prepare for the upcoming weekend. The In-Season content includes:

Evan Silva’s Matchups Column – The internet’s most trusted and thorough breakdown of every NFL game in the upcoming week. This column looks at fantasy and real life football matchups, with a mix of qualitative and quantitative insights from Evan’s research and observations.

Friday Night Positional Breakdown Show – Evan and Adam go position by position, breaking down every viable play on the DFS slate. Subscribers can view this live or stream a replay, and are invited to submit questions or suggested topics of discussion.

Sunday Morning Live Stream – Adam and Evan discuss all of Sunday morning’s news, including injury and weather updates and implications, line movement analysis, DFS player ownership discussion, and more.

Josh Hermsmeyer’s Buy-Low Model – A model predicated on air-yards which has proven to consistently identify undervalued players. In addition, our team will add further analysis on model recommendations on shows and in articles throughout the week.

Pat Thorman’s Snaps and Pace Article – Using data, trends, and tendencies to project high- and low- volume situations.

Andrew Wiggins High Stakes Review – Wiggins aka Makisupa, one of the highest stakes DFS professionals, walks through the thought process behind his plays and adds analysis on winning lineups


What is Evan Silva’s Draft Kit?

Evan Silva’s Draft Kit includes everything you need to prepare for the fantasy football season. He’ll release constantly updating top-150s for season-long drafting, season-long tiers and team-by-team previews with notes on every single viable player. The Draft Kit will also include sleepers, busts, Evan’s shy-away column and podcasts from Adam Levitan.


What is the Establish The Run “Preseason NFL” package?

Starting on August 1st, we create content for each NFL slate preparing subscribers for preseason NFL games. Our content will review topics such as expected snap counts, knowledge sourced from beat writers across the league, and a live show with Evan Silva or Adam Levitan a few nights per week.


Where else can I find Evan Silva’s content?

With rare exceptions, all of Evan Silva’s football content can be found exclusively at Establish The Run.


Does Establish The Run Sell DFS Lineups or Sports Betting Picks?

No. And in almost every case, we advise people to be very careful transacting with services that do so.


Will subscribing to Establish The Run guarantee that I win at [form of gambling]?



What is Establish The Run’s cancellation policy?

We offer both one-time purchase and subscription products. For one-time purchase products, there are no cancellations necessary because it is a one-time purchase. We do not offer refunds on these products. For subscription products, you can cancel your subscription at any time and you will not be charged in the future.


Where can I send questions, ideas, feedback, or anything else?

Send us an email at [email protected], or find us on social media channels.