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Below are our Top-300 rankings for Underdog Superflex Best Ball, which are Half-PPR (half point per reception) leagues. Superflex simply means that we can play any position (including QB) in our FLEX spot. Note that this format also only requires us to start two WRs, which decreases their value significantly.

Underdog’s scoring system is standard half PPR with 18-player rosters. There are no kickers or defenses. Roster construction is the most important factor in best ball tournaments like the Big Board. Note that if you’re playing in large-field tournaments on Underdog, stacking will be very important. Ideally, all of our QBs will be stacked with at least one of their pass catchers.


Justin Herzig has provided some tips for attacking this format:
  • There are three significant changes from traditional best ball to Superflex that must be accounted for: 1) the addition of the Superflex roster spot which should primarily be used by a quarterback given Underdog’s scoring, 2) only 2 WR positions in your starting lineup, and 3) 2 extra rounds to make it a 20-round draft
  • The Superflex addition drastically changes how early QBs are drafted and how many you need. I will always end up with at least 3 QBs, often 4, and on rare occasions 5. I continue to put strong emphasis on stacking my QBs with their pass catchers and when possible, try to build game stacks for Week 17 by drafting both QBs in one game.
  • Only needing to start 2 WRs substantially devalues them and shifts them from often the most important position in traditional best ball to third or fourth. This leads to me often waiting to draft my WRs and often stopping at 6 or 7. It is also not uncommon to end up with more RBs than WRs which is mostly frowned upon in other formats. If you draft an elite WR in the first round or two, it may be worth considering waiting a while to grab your other WRs.
  • The two extra rounds allow us extra picks to try and hit home runs or fill out depth at weak positions. In those rounds, QBs are mostly irrelevant and RBs get quite scarce. I often find myself looking for high upside WRs or TEs early in the summer, and start adding in more RBs with upside as we learn more from NFL camps.

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