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Our Fantasy Golf products are now available!

IMPORTANT: THE SOLVER is a separate product from ETR. You will need a separate subscription to use its products.

IMPORTANT 2: To get the best deal on THE SOLVER, make sure you sign up at this link or the link at the bottom of the page.


We have recently partnered with a talented group of software developers to co-create THE SOLVER. The goal is to create high-quality, easy to use tools for fantasy sports players. The first product launched is a DFS Optimizer, and naturally, ETR has entered into a partnership with THE SOLVER.

All ETR subscribers will be able to enjoy automatic syncing of ETR player and ownership projections if they have purchased access to both products. Additionally, for a limited time, THE SOLVER comes with a FREE bankroll tracker in addition to the DFS Optimizer.


By using THE SOLVER you will be able to:
* Have ETR projections preloaded (assuming you have purchased ETR access) or use your own or import other sources
* Use ETR’s Ownership Projections (assuming you have purchased ETR access) or use your own or import other sources
* Enjoy a simple to use interface
* Optimize up to 300 lineups
* Create rules (such as stacking) and groups of players to play together or not play at all, including custom rules for Showdown DFS


Here’s our Drew Dinkmeyer with a video tutorial on how to use THE SOLVER optimizer:


And Here’s a video showcasing some more advanced features from THE SOLVER:

Editor’s Note: Before using THE SOLVER, we highly recommend watching the above video to familiarize yourself with the software and its different functions.


Additional Info and THE SOLVER Promo Code:
* THE SOLVER is offering introductory pricing given it is a relatively new product. We believe this is a great value, particularly as we plan to work hand-in-hand with THE SOLVER team to continue to build out the product
* If you’d like to access more than one sport, you can do so at a significant discount, particularly for a longer-term subscription
* ETR will create content highlighting tips and best practices for using THE SOLVER products. If you have any suggestions for content, please let us know!
* Make sure you sign up via the link below and use the promo code ETR5 to get a 5% discount on your first purchase of the THE SOLVER.
* Please note: this is a product developed and supported by another company. For customer support and product questions, please contact THE SOLVER directly at [email protected]