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We’ve launched an MMA product!

Our new MMA product covers everything you need for Best Ball from now until Week 1 of the NFL Season. For more details, check out our Content Schedule and FAQ.

Below are our Top-300 rankings for Drafters best ball leagues. Please note that these rankings update daily at 9 a.m. ET.

Drafters is a unique best ball structure where there are no end-of-season playoffs, but rather one season-long contest. Whichever drafter has the most points throughout the season wins the top prize of $500,000. While a lot of the core concepts such as roster construction and getting ADP value still apply, there are some unique aspects we should be considering to get an edge.
  • ADP — If you compare Drafters ADP to other sites, you’ll notice for the most part that ADPs are not adjusted for the season-long structure. This is often the case for injured players, rookies, expected late bloomers, etc. Look for these types of values and draft accordingly. There is no difference between early- and late-season production in this Drafters format.
  • Upside — More than anything else, we’re looking for upside. We want to be drafting players that have legit season-breaking upside. There are going to be some mid and late guys that break out, and to finish in the top .001% that is necessary for this contest, you’ll need to hit on them. Drafting for that upside is key when deciding between players, particularly in the middle and late rounds.
  • Onesies — The key at the onesies is finding elite production, either by spending up early or finding the breakout players.

    We should often be mixing throughout our portfolio elite guys in the early rounds or late guys with breakout upside, but what we are trying not to do is take a safe approach and grab three safe QBs or TEs. We can still grab three at QB or TE, but each one should have a path to a breakout season if so. We usually prefer going with only two QBs, as it gives me more outs at the other positions to hit on players that post breakout seasons.

  • Uniqueness — The only thing better than hitting on the breakout player is if you hit on the breakout player that isn’t drafted in the majority of drafts. Think of it like hitting on a low-priced DFS guy that goes for three TDs. Not only did you hit hard, but you are getting amazing leverage on the field. Consider which players at each position have not been drafted throughout the year but, if things go right, could be a huge part of your team.

We've launched a new NFL Best Ball product

Best Ball is a draft-only format. No trades, no waivers, and no setting lineups. Our Best Ball team includes a mix of the most successful players and highly-regarded fantasy analysts: Adam Levitan, Justin Herzig, Evan Silva, Mike Leone, and more.

This product is designed to go well beyond our industry-leading rankings, including ADP, Late-Round Targets, Players to Scroll for, Projected Ownership, Market Movement Reports and more.

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