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Below you will find our projections for every golfer on this week’s slate. You can sort by salary, base projection, ceiling projection, value, or projected ownership.

Our value column is based on how likely a player is to be in the optimal lineup given a certain level of variance and number of lineups. We feel this is a better representation of a golfer’s DFS viability than a salary-based expectation because it accounts for the specific DFS landscape each week: Course strength, field strength and roster construction.

Please note: Our Ownership Projections are for the biggest large-field tournament on each site. Cash, smaller field, and higher stakes tournaments are not considered.

Injuries: Any golfer with a ** preceding their name has an injury that we’re monitoring. This does NOT mean they are out of the event or will be limited. It simply means they’ve recently been battling an issue. You can follow all of the injuries we’re tracking with notes by clicking here.

Volatility Score: A player’s volatility score is their coefficient of variation fit on a 1-10 scale, with 1 representing the least amount of volatility and 10 the most. It’s most useful when comparing players with similar salaries and/or base projections. Players with a higher ceiling and lower made cut odds will have a higher volatility score than players with a similar base projection but a lower ceiling and higher made cut odds. Put simply, the higher the volatility score the wider the range of outcomes.

DFS OPTIMIZER: If you are looking for a DFS optimizer, we have two options for ETR subscribers. Both of these products will sync automatically with ETR content (projections, ownership, etc) if you already have an ETR golf subscription. Use the following links for full details about each product: THESOLVER (Optimizer + Bankroll Tracker) & Fantasy Labs (Optimizer)

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This subscription is a collaboration between ETR and pro sports bettor Rufus Peabody of Unabated Sports. Inside, you can find simulation based fantasy point projections (mean and ceiling), ownership projections, odds to make the cut, with content from Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings, and more.

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