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If you’ve been using the ETR Dynasty rankings, you’ve probably noticed that we have RBs collectively ranked much lower than the market (other sites, your league-mates, however you want to define it).


The running back position has its issues. RB shelf lives are shorter than other positions. The RB position has a more fickle and weaker link between talent and opportunity than the WR position.

These concepts apply to redraft leagues but are amplified further when zooming out for dynasty leagues and trying to build dominant rosters. Make no mistake about it: Your goal in every dynasty league should be to build a superteam. We firmly believe that our rankings at ETR put you in the best possible position to do that.

However, it can be frustrating and confusing to put that into practice when you feel like you are never able to acquire RBs in your startup draft, rookie draft, or in trades when using the ETR rankings.

The purpose of this article is to clear up that confusion by providing some concrete examples and strategies for building your RB room in a way that enables you to compete for championships without straying too far from the ETR ranks.


Be Patient


A consistent mantra in this article is to be patient. The best way to build a superteam is to collect as many assets that age well as possible and have the potential to be true difference-makers. This is frequently in direct conflict with optimizing your starting lineup in your startup draft, rookie draft, or trade before the start of the season.

If you collect as much value as possible, opportunities will present themselves, and the following roster construction examples are a testament to that.

What do these opportunities look like?

  • Winning with a bad RB room
  • Falling into a good RB room
  • Making win-now trades…at the appropriate time


Winning With A Bad RB Room

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