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When I starting working on this “book,” there was no Establish The Run. I just loved doing my solo podcasts so much and wanted to somehow get them onto another medium. So I started compiling, expanding on and editing some of my favorite answers in written form.

A lot of the book includes half-joking, sometimes serious, hopefully thought-provoking takes on life. I completely understand if you skip those chapters. But for our Establish The Run family, I think it’s worth reading the two chapters on DFS Game Selection and DFS Lineup Construction. A lot of my answers in there are what I consider to be the most important skills for playing winning DFS — almost as important as knowing which players to pick.

So as a gift from us to you, below is the PDF link to download Skin To Fur. If you need .MOBI (for Kindle) and .EPub (for Nook and iPhone), email [email protected]. Enjoy!