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Our main goal with this new product is to provide the highest-quality, continuously updating, actionable information you need to win at NFL best ball. This product will cover everything you need for best ball from now until Week 1 of the NFL season. It is led by our NFL team, which includes a mix of successful best ball players and highly-regarded fantasy analysts. Among those contributing to our product are: Adam Levitan, Justin Herzig, Mike Leone, John Daigle, Evan Silva, Drew Dinkmeyer, Pat Thorman, and Jack Miller.

Price: $49.99/year $39.99/year

Important: This product is NOT part of our Draft Kit Pro. To see all of our current NFL products, click here.


RANKINGS: Our rankings update daily at 9:00 a.m. ET. Oftentimes we will push changes more than once per day in the event of big news such as a key injury, trade, or other significant event. Our rankings will cover:

* Underdog
* DraftKings
* FFPC and FFPC Superflex
* Drafters
* Best Ball 10s
* Yahoo

(Note: Rankings are available for download, and formatted to be uploadable to their respective sites where applicable.)


TIERS: Players are grouped into buckets of similar quality, which can be helpful when you are considering depth of available talent at one position vs another. Our tiers will cover:

* Underdog
* DraftKings
* Drafters
* Best Ball 10s


CONTINUOUSLY UPDATING LISTS/ARTICLES: These articles update regularly based on market movement, injuries, camp reports, and more. Updates typically happen weekly, but may happen more frequently if warranted by major news.

* Players to scroll deep down for on UD, DK, FFPC, Drafters
* Favorite backdoor QB/pass-catcher stacks
* Late-round targets
* Zero-RB strategy: RB list for best ball
* Weekly market report: How to handle players rising or falling sharply in ADP
* Projected Ownership for UD’s Best Ball Mania: Drafting players late in your draft who aren’t 100% owned can be optimal in a contest as large as Best Ball Mania


STRATEGY ARTICLES: These articles cover everything you need to know about building teams, selecting contests, and approaching best ball in an intelligent way. Think “how to optimally play best ball” not “what players to pick”.

* Roster construction and optimal positional allocation for: Underdog, DraftKings, FFPC, Drafters, Best Ball 10s, Yahoo
* What to think about when you’re on the clock
* How and when to stack in best ball
* Portfolio management optimization
* How to draft from X spot in best ball
* Week 17 correlation


LIVESTREAMS and Q&As: Take a seat behind our team as they draft real best ball teams and explain their thought process to you.

* Premium live best ball drafts with rotating members of our team
* Weekly 30-minute Discord Q&As with members of our team, including Mike Leone




When does this product launch?


A few days after the NFL Draft.


How much does this product cost?




Will the best ball product be a part of any bundles?


No, our 2024 best ball product is a standalone product and will not be offered as part of a bundle.


What is the overall goal of this product?


We’re aiming to provide the highest-quality best ball fantasy football content. This means that we want to provide subscribers with resources they need to compete and win at best ball. Our approach starts with rankings that are continuously updated, and are the foundation of how you should approach drafts. Alongside our rankings, you will find content which provides context and strategy for approaching best ball. We understand that your time is valuable; we aren’t trying to overload you with unnecessary content or attention-grabbing hot takes. Consider your subscription a tool to be used alongside your own research to help you compete and win this summer.


Why is this a separate product from Draft Kit Pro?


A big emphasis of ours for 2024 is covering all formats of season long fantasy better. One part of this addition is significantly improving our best ball coverage. Because many of our Draft Kit Pro customers don’t play best ball, we felt it was better to create a new product rather than forcing all Draft Kit Pro customers to incur additional costs. This new structure will give us more flexibility to make this product even better for our subscribers.


How often are rankings updated?


Our rankings update daily at 9:00 a.m. ET. Oftentimes we will push changes multiples times per day in the event of big news such as a key injury, trade, or other significant event.


How often is content updated?


This depends on the specific content. We have pieces of content that are updated weekly, such as our Best Ball Market Report or Late-Round Targets. Some of our more evergreen articles that cover general strategy for best ball are updated infrequently or not at all. Our goal is to update content as much as we think it needs to be for you to be successful.


Does using this product guarantee I will win at best ball?


No. In fact, best ball contests are getting more competitive each year. It is difficult to win due to this aspect, and also the top-heavy nature of many of the contests, whereby most entrants will lose and a small percentage will receive a very large payout. However, we do feel that our content can be used as an important part of a smart approach to drafting, and are doing our best to more than justify any subscription fees you pay.


When does this product end?


2024 coverage ends after opening kickoff of the 2024 NFL season. For those who continue to subscribe, the product will restart after the 2025 NFL Draft.