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Rufus Peabody, Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings, and Mike Leone bring you the best DFS golf information. Period.

To create this product, we’ve teamed up with world-class golf bettor Rufus Peabody. We will combine the data and player projections used by a top sports betting professional with ETR’s analysis, ownership projections and private Discord channel. Whether you’re an aspiring DFS pro or simply a golf enthusiast looking to enjoy the NFL offseason, this product provides an unbeatable combination of data, analysis and community.

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About ETR

Establish The Run is a premium fantasy sports and betting analysis website founded by renowned fantasy football analysts Adam Levitan and Evan Silva. Our mission is to create the highest-quality NFL, NBA and PGA content to help our subscribers compete and win.

About Rufus

After graduating from Yale in 2008, Rufus did the sensible thing and drove to Las Vegas to work for an oddsmaking company. Learning how markets actually worked on the ground while putting his quantitative analysis ability to use allowed Rufus to build his skills. By 2009, he grew his bankroll enough to quit his job to become a pro bettor. Since then, he’s never had a “real” job and is now widely known as one of the best golf bettors in the world. Rufus also co-created the popular Massey-Peabody system and co-hosts the Bet The Process podcast. Most recently he co-founded Unabated Sports, a betting analytics site.

Golf Subscriptions Include:

Simulation-based projections (both mean and ceiling) from world-class professional golf bettor Rufus Peabody of Unabated

Rufus’ projected odds to make the cut for every golfer

DFS Ownership Projections for DraftKings and FanDuel

Weekly show featuring Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings and rotating guests including Rufus Peabody, Mike Leone, Drew Dinkmeyer

Access to subscriber-only golf Discord channel

Weekly data-driven review of previous week from Cody Main

This product is in Beta. Stay tuned for more updates on content and tool additions

Note: Projections will not be released until Wednesdays 10am ET

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