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One of our goals is to keep our content organized, actionable, and fluff-free. With that in mind, we’re excited to reveal what is in our 2024 Golf Product. If you haven’t subscribed yet, CLICK HERE!

PLEASE NOTE: The base projections, ceiling projections, and odds to make the cut will not be released until WEDNESDAY morning before each Thursday tournament.

PLEASE NOTE 2: If you are looking for a DFS optimizer, we have two options for ETR subscribers. Both of these products will sync automatically with ETR content (projections, ownership, etc). Use the following links for full details about each product: THESOLVER (Optimizer + Bankroll Tracker) & Fantasy Labs (Optimizer).



2 p.m. ET: Value Report by Skylar Hoke — Skylar, also known as SkyhookDFS on Twitter, breaks down the most interesting plays below $7500 on DraftKings for the week. The goal is to undercover golfers who may be overlooked by the field due to mere unfamiliarity.

3 p.m. ET: Discord Q&A with Skylar Hoke — Skylar will be in the Golf Channel of our Discord for 30 minutes weekly. Subscribers can ask about any players in the field, bets for other tours, data on ownership, or anything else. If you’re already an ETR Golf subscriber, head here to get in the Discord.

* 9 p.m. ET: Course Characteristic Preview by Tom Peabody — We begin our examination of the slate by looking at what kind of players project to do well at the upcoming course. One week, driving distance could be the most important attribute. The next week, it could be short irons.



* 10 a.m. ET: Projections — We release our projection table for both DraftKings and FanDuel. It includes base projection, ceiling projection (90th-percentile outcome), salary-based value, volatility, and odds to make the cut. These projections come from the data and simulations of Rufus Peabody of Unabated, one of the best golf bettors in the world. For more on Rufus, check out this podcast with Adam Levitan, as well as his bio here.

And for even more on Rufus and other aspects of the projections, check out our FAQ here.

* 10 a.m. ET: Ownership Projections (large- and small-field) — DFS golf tournaments are driven by game theory. The best way to find leverage is through accurate ownership projections on every golfer. We also will publish small-field ownership projections for DraftKings by Wednesday evening each week.

* Noon ET: Large-Field GPP Breakdown by Jeremy King — Large-field DFS golf tournaments are a game of leverage and ownership. Jeremy King looks into what the field will do this week and how we should respond.

* Noon ET: DFS Top Plays — Our golf team puts their heads together and emerges with the best salary-adjusted plays on the slate. This does not factor in projected ownership. It covers both FanDuel and DraftKings.

* Noon ET: Leverage — A chart which shows which players our projections are taking the biggest stands on vs. the market.

* 2:30 p.m. ET: Establish The Green with Adam Levitan, Tom Peabody, Cody Main, Skylar Hoke and rotating guests including Rufus Peabody and Peter Jennings — A weekly show discussing the upcoming tournament. Adam, Cody, Tom, Skylar and some of the sharpest minds in DFS (and golf) talk through good chalk, bad chalk, undervalued plays, cash vs. tournament plays, and more.



* 10 p.m. ET: Showdown Slate Projections and Ownership Projections — The one-day slates on DraftKings can provide a big edge, as the field reacts too sharply to the previous day.



* Noon ET: Cody Main DFS Lineup Review — Cody looks back at the previous week from a data-driven perspective. Where did the field make mistakes? Which lineups were +EV, regardless of results? What did the winners do and what can we take away? Here is an example from the 2023 Shriners Children’s Open.

* Noon ET: Sam Brott DFS Cash Lineup Review — Sam reveals what he played in cash on DraftKings and why. Includes a running log of his results.



* Discord Access Subscribers are granted access to the Golf Channel in the ETR Discord. This is a place like-minded golf fans/gamblers can discuss the slate.

* Injury Report Injury information can be very difficult to come by in golf. We will keep a running list of players with known issues, and they will also be designated in our projections.