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With any game we play, we must adjust our strategy to the rules and scoring. Most of the content we have produced thus far has been specific to Underdog and similar half-PPR, 18-man roster structures, driven by the availability of data from last year’s Underdog contests. While we do not have that data available from DraftKings, we must rather use what we learned from other formats and think how we can convert it to the DK structure and scoring.

In this article, I will dive into how I am adjusting my strategy for DraftKings Best Ball tournaments. This game is by no means solved, and I personally am continuing to adjust my strategy as I complete and analyze more drafts, learn from others, and evolve my thinking. I’ll take it position-by-position and provide insight into how I’m thinking about roster construction and players in that group.

Before jumping into each position, it’s important to think about things structurally. In DK drafts, we have two extra roster spots, full-PPR scoring, and bonuses for 300 passing yards and 100 rushing or receiving yards. Thinking about how we can capitalize on those two extra positions while also building lineups that favor pass catchers will give us a substantial edge in these drafts.



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