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Preseason DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) is a different beast. It requires a deep knowledge of borderline NFL players, an insatiable thirst for information about player usage and team goals, and experience in the format.

Our Preseason DFS package is designed to educate and inform users competing in — you guessed it — preseason DFS. Our content in this package will be powered by Adam LevitanCody Main, Gary Hartman, and Galin Dragiev. All four have been grinding preseason DFS for the last five seasons and specialize in tracking the lesser-known players who are the keys to August football. To subscribe, CLICK HERE.


Prior to daily fantasy, there was no realistic way to play fantasy football ahead of the season. Most star players hardly see the field, playing time is unpredictable week to week, and many players who won’t have a major role in the upcoming season see extended action. However, the day-to-day nature of DFS makes playing fantasy football a realistic option during August.


* Following the action through training camp and preseason games will better prepare you for your season-long draft and DFS action in the fall. There is a lot to learn from usage and performance in these games.

* There isn’t very much reliable information about Preseason DFS. It is not easy to follow all of the news leading up to each game. This creates an opportunity for the informed player to be far more ahead of the competition than during the regular season.

It is because of these two points, as well as our love of playing the games ourselves, that we decided to create a special package for Preseason DFS at Establish The Run.


Our Preseason DFS Product includes everything we think you need to compete at the highest level. That means:
* Tiered Top Plays with Notes for each slate.
* A 45-60 minute Live Show leading up to lock for each slate with four or more games. We will also have shows for select shorter slates. These shows will feature different combinations of Adam Levitan, Cody Main, Gary Hartman, and Galin Dragiev.
* Projections for every player (NEW THIS YEAR!). For those wanting to build lineups with an optimizer, we will have projections for all relevant players.
* Continuously updating Depth Charts with Notes. These will allow users to quickly see how thin a team is so we can project playing time better.
* Fantasy Pick ‘Em plays from Cody Main for Underdog and Prizepicks. (NEW THIS YEAR!)


* Depth Charts with notes — Constantly updating as we get information.
* Live Show — Typically will start roughly 90 minutes before main slate lock. Will tweet updates.
* Projections – Will be released roughly 3-5 hours before each main slate locks. Will update as news comes in.
* Tiered DFS Top Plays — Will be released roughly 3-5 hours before each main slate locks.
* Fantasy Pick ‘Em plays – Will be released as found through our subscriber-only Discord


When will we launch Preseason DFS content?

August 2.

How much does it cost?
* $69.99 for entire preseason (13 days of coverage)
* $29.99 for weekly access (about 4 days of coverage per week)
* All subscriptions recur annually, cancel anytime using the “account” link at top of page

Why is this content $69.99 / $29.99?
It takes a lot of effort and expense to create this content, and there is a smaller audience of potential customers compared to the regular season. It wouldn’t be financially viable to offer this content at a lower price.