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Below you will find our projections for every player in every main slate game this week. You can sort by salary, projection, or value. The value column is determined by comparing a player’s projection to their salary-based expectation — we think $/point rankings can inflate the value of cheap players.


Please note: Projections are not the skeleton key to winning in fantasy football or DFS. We would not blindly make lineups following projections and neither should you. These should be used only as a rough guide along with the rest of our content.


Please note 2: See the “Last Updated” timestamp at the top of this page for when we pushed the latest version..


Please note 3: Ownership projections are for the slate with the largest field size on each DraftKings and FanDuel. We have picked these tournaments as benchmarks because we think they more closely reflect the ownership in tournaments a majority of our subscribers are playing. Cash, smaller-field, and higher-stakes tournaments are not considered.


Please note 4: If you want to understand more about how to beat college football DFS, we recommend these two pieces of content: Alex Hardin, the 2022 CFB Online Final Champion, on strategy here. And this podcast with Alex, Sean Newsham, and Adam Levitan. (Pod coming soon)


DFS OPTIMIZER: If you are looking for a DFS optimizer, we have two options for ETR subscribers. Both of these products will sync automatically with ETR content (projections, ownership, etc.) if you already have an ETR subscription. Use the following links for full details about each product: THESOLVER (Optimizer + Bankroll Tracker) & Fantasy Labs (Optimizer).




We create the highest-quality CFB content

Sean Newsham and Alex Hardin are two of the most successful college football DFS players ever. Together with the ETR Team, we bring you the best CFB information. We analyze what’s happening in a way that’s digestible and actionable, with a goal of preparing you to make the best decisions possible during the College Football season.

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