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Underdog’s Battle Royale format is a hybrid of DFS and snake drafts. Drafts are six rounds (snake style) and conducted in leagues of six. Scoring is half-PPR and rosters are QB, RB, WR, WR, FLEX, and TE.


The rankings you see below are based on our weekly projections and combined with positional scarcity. Some strategy thoughts:

* This is a large-field tournament with 10% of the prize pool going to first place and 0.2% going to 11th place. We should be drafting with a “first or last” mentality.
* Stacking is an absolute must. Just like in large-field DFS tournaments, the correlation we gain from pairing our QB with at least one (and often two) of his pass catchers is what catapults us to the top. We should also consider “bring-backs” (players on the opponent of our stack) where it makes sense.
* We want to consider at least one contrarian play. Since the drafts are only 36 picks deep, players ranked deeper often won’t be drafted in many leagues. If they go off, and no one else even has them, it’s a massive leg up on the field.
*Keep in mind that these projections are often making assumptions on a player being in or out based on injury. It is recommended to pay attention to the news and use your best judgment on each player’s potential risk of being out.
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