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We’ve launched an MMA product!

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Rankings can’t tell the whole story. The goal of every sharp drafter (aka you) is to understand the tiers within each position so that we know when to wait for a player and, if a particular position is thin while you’re on the clock, when to pounce. If you’re in Round 3 and want a WR, knowing how long you can wait (if at all) to select one before that tier has been blown up is crucial. Utilizing our Drafters Tiers for fast and slow drafts will make your choices easier, providing a clear plan with backup options in case you’re sniped from our rankings.

Keep in mind that Drafters is a unique best ball structure where there are no end-of-season playoffs, but rather one season-long contest. Whichever drafter has the most points throughout the season wins the top prize of $500,000. While a lot of the core concepts such as roster construction and getting ADP value still apply, there are some unique aspects we should be considering to get an edge. We highly recommend you read our Drafters Position Allocation article before diving in.


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We've launched a new NFL Best Ball product

Best Ball is a draft-only format. No trades, no waivers, and no setting lineups. Our Best Ball team includes a mix of the most successful players and highly-regarded fantasy analysts: Adam Levitan, Justin Herzig, Evan Silva, Mike Leone, and more.

This product is designed to go well beyond our industry-leading rankings, including ADP, Late-Round Targets, Players to Scroll for, Projected Ownership, Market Movement Reports and more.

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