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Most of the analysis around Fantasy Football focuses at the player level. We work tirelessly to assess opportunity, efficiency, and current draft position in order to build teams filled with players that are likely to outperform the market’s expectations. We supplement these builds by layering in structural draft strategies like “Late Round Quarterback”, “Zero RB”, and “Stacking” in order to further our chances of success. While content combines player level analysis with structural strategies, we’re passively acknowledging the macro environments that facilitate these approaches. As we adapt our structural strategies we should be cognizant of what trends are shifting in the league and how they impact the approaches. We need to Zoom Out, to make sure we’re fitting in. In this piece, we’ll look for changes in league wide trends that could further shape our thinking on structural draft strategies.

The Evolution of a “Passing League”

Let’s start at the very top and check in to see if there are any discrepancies in the last five years at how the league as a whole has approached play-calling.

The lone area that does show some recent change is the efficiency in the running game. With more analytics focusing on when to run and the presence of more athletic Quarterbacks in the league, we’re seeing a bit more efficiency running the ball than in years past. Ultimately, rushing yardage is such a small component of scoring that this doesn’t move the needle in terms of structural drafting.


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