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We’re in the home stretch! I hope everyone has had lots of success up to this point in all different forms of fantasy football and DFS. Let’s dive right in and take a look at last week’s optimal lineup: 



Back to the cheap QB well we go, and not only did Baker Mayfield turn in his first 30+ point game of the season, but he did it alongside Chris Godwin, not Mike Evans, with Godwin finally coming to life. This was a skinny stack with no bring-back.

Christian McCaffrey continues to prove that he’s never a fade, and James Cook was always an excellent pivot to the top game environment of the week. Always be sure to cover all of your “spots” when attacking a game.

Terry McLaurin was the Washington WR you needed in the other great game environment of the week, and it shows that it’s never too late in the season for a small sample to turn around. He’s had a frustrating year but should always have remained in our player pools due to his personal history and the dynamic nature of the Washington pass attack.

And, finally, we AGAIN saw the double tight end trend continue in what was the third time in four weeks despite only being the eighth time since Week 10 of the 2020 season. What does that say about the modern state of DK pricing? Both of the past two weeks featured David Njoku, who has found a real rapport with Joe Flacco.


A couple of weeks ago, I released an article I’m proud of that broke down the likelihood of two skill-position players appearing in an optimal lineup without their QB. While doing research for that article, I started noticing some interesting trends with defenses. I was always under the impression that when I play a defense, I should be doing it without any skill-position players from the same team (other than RBs), and definitely not any skill-position players from the opposite team.

But, while writing that Week 14 article, I realized how often a team’s defense appeared with a skill-position player from the same team. This is something we often talk about as possible in blowouts on showdown slates, but not necessarily something that seems intuitively ideal on main slates, unless it’s the classic RB/DEF pairing. Well, is that right? Let’s explore.


First of all, what does an average optimal defense look like?


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