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Underdog Fantasy - Free Credit!

Our friends at Underdog Fantasy have launched the biggest fantasy tournament ever: $10 million in prizes and $2 million to the winner.

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Our friends at Underdog Fantasy don’t just offer Best Ball. They also offer “Pick’em” fantasy contests which require players to make picks on two or more fantasy statistics (ie passing yards, receiving yards, points, rebounds, etc.) to build an entry. With a thorough understanding of the math and strategy of these contests, it is quite possible for a smart player to find an edge and win.

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Players build an entry with multiple picks and when you win, rewards you based on how many picks your entry has. The payouts are as follows:

  • If you hit a two-pick entry, you profit two times your entry fee (the equivalent of +200)
  • Three-pick entry and you profit five times (+500)
  • Four-pick entry and you profit nine times (+900)
  • Five-pick entry and you profit 19 times (+1900)


Notes on rules:
1. Underdog mandates that each entry must contain players from at least two different teams.
2. If one of your picks pushes, it is simply removed from your entry and your parlay goes down a leg (e.g. a four-pick entry with a push would become a three-pick entry). That is, of course, unless a push leaves you with only players from one team, in which case your entry is refunded.
3. You are allowed to include picks from different sports in the same entry.


The first question we have to answer is how many picks to include in each entry. Let’s take a look at the pick win percentage (and implied site fees) and entry win rate you need over the long term to break even for each type of entry if every pick was independent:


Number of Picks Pick Win Rate Needed to Break Even Implied Site Fees Entry Win Rate Needed to Break Even
2 57.7% -136 33.3%
3 55.0% -122 16.7%
4 56.2% -128 10.0%
5 54.9% -122 5.0%



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