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Playoff fantasy football challenges us to think beyond player performance. In order to be successful, we also need to correctly factor in how many games a player will appear in. So while we’re of course thinking about injuries, depth chart changes, matchups, and likeliest game plans — we also need to think about who will win.

We’ve tweaked the below rankings to account for positional scarcity in Underdog’s Best Ball Playoff Contests, The Gauntlet, The Mitten 3, and The Big Mitten. The rankings and projections below will give you a head start on your competition, but the nature of this tournament necessitates you are extremely aware of roster construction and the format rules when drafting. Justin Herzig covered this in a must-read article for anyone who plans to do playoff best ball on Underdog. Click here for Justin’s article, which covered the rules and the optimal way to think about attacking the original, pre-playoff contest.

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