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We’ve been bringing you plenty of player profiles on the 2024 NFL Draft class, and plan on doing so all the way up to draft night on April 25. For dynasty fantasy football purposes, we know that draft capital is generally a prerequisite to finding opportunity and success. But not all league winners are found before the weekend. Just last year, Puka Nacua took the league by storm, setting the rookie receiving record after being selected in the fifth round. Amon-Ra St. Brown has been a staple at the top of the dynasty ranks for over two years (fourth-round pick).

Even if a Day 3 rookie doesn’t achieve superstardom, there are still plenty of ways to contribute to your fantasy roster. We don’t want to forget about them during this process. Here are five projected Day 3 picks that are intriguing in the run-up to the draft.


1. Dylan Laube, RB, New Hampshire

Laube will be 25 before the end of his rookie season, and his FCS status likely has him going under the radar. But the former lacrosse player was a dominant force in the receiving and return game at New Hampshire. Laube caught 169 passes over five seasons, including 117 in his final two years with nine scores. He also averaged over 24 yards per kick return and 12.5 per punt return, scoring in each phase.

At the Combine, Laube displayed outstanding short-area quickness, logging a 6.84-second three-cone and 4.02-second shuttle. At 206 pounds, he has the size to take on a real workload at the next level, but most likely fits in as a third-down back and return man. Ideally, Laube can return PPR value somewhere similar to Danny Woodhead or James White.



2. Jha’Quan Jackson, WR, Tulane

If you’re going to take a chance on someone from Day 3, it doesn’t hurt to take a player with Hall-of-Fame bloodlines. Jackson is the nephew of former Raven safety Ed Reed. He also broke out in his second season at Tulane, which is typically a good indicator of potential success. Jackson also has extensive usage in the rush and return game.

Unfortunately, Jackson has struggled mightily with injuries throughout his career, and they have limited his production. But the NFL still recognized his ability as good enough to be invited to both the Senior Bowl and Combine. Jackson is a potential slot target at the next level.



3. Ainias Smith, WR, Texas A&M

Smith was on a great trajectory in his second season at A&M, and probably would have achieved an official breakout (27% dominator) had he not been forced into RB duties due to lack of depth and injuries to De’Von Achane. He played 27% of his snaps out of the backfield that year. Crediting Smith with a Year 2 breakout produces some impressive comps for a Day 3 prospect.

In addition to his work as a rusher, Smith was proficient in the return game. This athleticism showed up at his pro day, where Smith ran a 6.84-second three-cone.



4. Luke McCaffrey, WR, Rice

Much like Jackson, it’s difficult to argue with the bloodlines here. Luke’s brother is Christian McCaffrey, though he plays WR instead of RB. Interestingly enough, McCaffrey was a QB in high school, and played that position for his first three years of college. The only time he was a full-time WR at any level was his final two seasons at Rice.

Unlike many other QB-to-WR conversions we’ve seen, McCaffrey enjoyed immediate success. He had a 28% dominator rating, then followed that up with 38% in 2023. While he is an older prospect, it is interesting to consider McCaffrey as “young” in his development at WR. From that perspective, there could be a lot of untapped upside in him as a prospect.



5. Tip Reiman, TE, Illinois

The first thing that stands out about Reiman is his size. At 271 pounds, he is in the 95th percentile for TEs. Despite being massive, the athleticism is impressive.

Most notably, Reiman’s 10-yard split at the Combine was in the 91st percentile for all TE prospects. That is an incredible time for someone so big. His agilities were also strong.

TE is such a difficult position for fantasy, that it doesn’t take much to get Reiman on the radar. At least we know he is the kind of athletic specimen that could pop off if he develops.