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* Javonte Green (knee) – Doubtful
* Gordon Hayward (ankle) – Doubtful


Showdown Breakdown

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on the game on DraftKings as the dynamic captain pricing is more sophisticated, less likely to get monstrous duplicates, and frankly a more compelling game. At the bottom of the article, we’ll provide projections/minutes of the players on the slate. The ranking list can be useful for FanDuel but the game itself on FanDuel will lead to heavy duplicates and it makes the game a bit more about creating unique lineups so when you do win you win very big. The process requires losing often so it’s a tough sell, but if you want to play on FanDuel and use this content we suggest deviating from grouping the top 5-6 plays together, especially in the same multiplier order. Those lineups will be massively duplicated.

Onto the more complex game. When I play NBA showdown DFS, my approach is through mass-multi entry. I believe my edge is through creating bulk lineup sets that are well crafted (careful rules), likely a bit more spread than the field on captain exposure, occasionally taking calculated risks, and of course strong projections. While my approach is geared towards mass-multi entry, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same. There are concepts here to utilize when hand-building lineups as well.


Creating Sensible Rules for Showdown 

Rules (or groups) aren’t unique to those who use an optimizer to help build lineups. They are ideas that hand-built lineups should put into practice as well. In showdown, the overwhelming majority of rules should focus on players that impact each other’s playing time.

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