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Welcome to the second edition of GPP Leverage for the 2020-2021 NBA season. This article is going to be a catch-all space for my GPP thoughts. In most of the articles I’ll address some of the relevant GPP plays for that day’s slate, but some of the articles will be more focused on plays and others more focused on strategy. Today is going to be a mix. We’re going to look at groups and rules to consider when using an optimizer and we’ll give examples specific to this slate.

The most important part of this article will be the explanations below the screenshots on WHY I’m considering these types of groups and rules. Using an optimizer isn’t like cracking a code on a slot machine. There isn’t a secret combination that if you pull the lever correctly, it will spin out winners. Instead, we use an optimizer to help take the thoughts in our head to create a framework that the optimizer can use to fill lineups with the highest projected points under that framework. The Fantasy Labs optimizer has a number of great levers that you can pull to help create different blends of frameworks. In general, playing tournaments is about finding a way to maximize a combination of upside and differentiation. In NFL, I’ve done screencasts talking about the importance of maximizing upside through correlation and touched on using ownership limitations to help ensure differentiation. As discussed in last week’s Leverage, NBA DFS is a bit different. It’s more nuanced in terms of maximizing correlation, and ownership projections can get quickly ruined with lots of late-shifting news. It’s a different beast that requires a slightly different approach, so here’s a few examples of how I think through optimizers and NBA DFS.

For those of you that hand build, there is still good information in these recommendations for you. This article is more about ways to think about maximizing upside when constructing lineups. It just happens to be through the prism of an optimizer, but you can take into account all these types of rules when building by hand as well.


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