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Welcome to the 10th edition of GPP Leverage for NFL DFS. This article is going to be a catch-all space for my GPP thoughts during the course of the NFL season. In this space, we’ll mix some macro and micro concepts to help improve your odds in tournaments. The goal is to differentiate your play in an intelligent and correlated way that gives you a better chance to get paid off when you’re right.

I think it’s important to note I’m not a football guy who plays DFS. I’m a professional DFS player who plays NFL. So my play is largely through the prism of using resources around me to do what I do best: Play the game of DFS within the context of the NFL. Whether this is you or you’re a football guy who has a better handle on the schemes and the mismatches, there should be something in here for you to improve your game as a DFS GPP player.

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Week 9 was one of the best for the Leverage column. Drew Lock gave us the performance everyone hoped for from Jimmy Garoppolo in Week 8 and did so at half the ownership. The cheap piece correlators mentioned in David Moore and Gabriel Davis both hit in a big way at almost no ownership and were the only way to climb the leaderboards with the chalkier BUF-SEA stack. It wasn’t a perfect week as the Baltimore offense continued to disappoint. J.K. Dobbins, Mark Andrews, and Marquise Brown were all found with reasonable ownership but disappointing performances.

Despite some strong takes in the column, it was a losing week for myself. I had an entry or two make a run but nothing that guaranteed a profit for me on the week. A heavy overweight on Justin Jackson and an underweight on Dalvin Cook ended up limiting my upside for the week. Still, I’ll take a strong week for the process even if the results didn’t come.



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