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Welcome to the fourth edition of Leverage for the 2021-2022 NFL Season!

My goal in this space is to make you a better GPP player by highlighting concepts that can help you differentiate from your opponents and climb the leaderboard. Each week, I will highlight some of the thought process or strategy that goes into my approach when making tournament lineups. I’ll then use some specific examples from that week to help illustrate how I intend to implement those concepts into my own GPP lineups. The examples I highlight will be in my portfolio of lineups, but if you want to improve considerably as a GPP player, mastering the concepts are more important than copying the answers.

In the third edition of Leverage, we focused on the concepts you should be thinking through when forming your QB stacks. One of the concepts we touched on was overall stack price and how your selections should be impacted by contest size. We saw this play out perfectly within the GPP-winning Bills stacks. In smaller-field contests, Josh Allen doubles with Stefon Diggs were still able to find their way to the top of the leaderboard, but in really large-field tournaments, it became a necessity to have Allen double-stacked with the cheap options, who ended up in this particular week generating the bigger upside. This may have been a different scenario had Diggs had the mid-20s performance and one of Beasley/Sanders with the 12, but there would’ve been more outs to make those points up with other similarly-priced options to Diggs. In scenarios where Diggs really separates from his similarly-priced counterparts (scores 35+ points), it’s likely coming at the expense of the production of Beasley/Sanders production and puts pressure on that roster spot against the field. In the small- or medium-sized-field tournaments, this isn’t as big of an issue, but in large-field tournaments, it’s something to consider.

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