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With sports on hiatus for the last three months, many DFS players have dabbled in the stock market. So Adam Levitan sat down with Jason Strasser, co-founder and chief investment officer of Caption Partners. They discuss the markets from an elementary level.


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TIMESTAMPS: Entering the stock market (3:18) | Jason’s Background in Poker (7:00) | Moving from Poker into Wall Street (10:08) | Options for Dummies (17:45) | How the market works (21:51) | Stock Market efficiency (24:32) | How backstops work (28:21) | Approaching Stock Market competition (30:59) | No-Rake Stock Market Trading (33:02) | Best Approach for 401Ks and IRAs (35:17) | Are market crashes “flukes”? (37:30) | Transferable Poker skillsets to stock market trading (40:52) | What makes a stock price change? (43:13) | How newcomers have affected the markets(49:08) | Should the common man be buying stocks? (53:27) | Is “buy what you know” smart advice? (55:47) | Jason’s DFS life (58:08) | DraftKings going public (1:00:56)