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ETR is looking for a mathematician with coding skills, preferably in Python, and an interest in fantasy football and/or betting to join our analytics team.
Qualified candidate(s) will be offered ongoing contract work or a full-time role depending on skills and availability. If interested in applying, please send us your résumé with either your best “answer” to one or more of the below, including supporting reasoning (preferred) or a detailed explanation of how you would approach the project.
  1. Simulate Super Bowl Score Results (ie 27-23, 30-21, etc.) based on pregame Vegas Odds (Game Total, Spread)
  2. Model Travis Kelce’s median longest catch length for the Super Bowl using Bayesian Bootstrapping or another methodology
  3. Determine Brock Purdy’s true talent level YPA at this point in his career
To submit your application or if you have any questions, please email [email protected].