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One of our goals for this fantasy football draft season is to provide as many different rankings as possible. No matter what your league’s format is, we have you covered. Below you’ll find the links to all of our rankings, which continuously update until Week 1.


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Our rankings for general formats are a combination of Evan Silva’s Top 150 and staff rankings, tailored to certain scoring systems. They rank our Top-300 in each format and include K and DST:

  • Evan Silva’s Top 150 — Evan Silva’s annual fantasy football rankings. Includes a one-line description of each player’s outlook and a change log.
  • Non-PPR Rankings — Leagues which award zero points for a reception. These leagues skew toward touchdowns and quarterbacks.
  • Half PPR Rankings— Leagues which award a half-point for a reception. This format has become standard across the industry.
  • Full PPR Auction Values — Our suggested Auction Values for players in Full PPR leagues. Players with high expected target totals take precedence.
  • Half PPR Auction Values — Our suggested Auction Values in half-point-per-reception leagues.
  • Non-PPR Auction Values — Our suggested Auction Values for standard leagues. Players with less upside in the passing game will show better in these rankings.
  • 2-QB Auction Values — Our suggested Auction Values in 2-QB formats.
  • Full PPR Rankings — Leagues which award a full point for a reception. These leagues skew toward wide receivers and pass-catching running backs.
  • 2-QB/SuperFlex Rankings — Leagues which allow QBs in the flex or require two starting quarterbacks. Our data-driven research has shown that these leagues should be handled the same way, by prioritizing QB in the flex.
  • 6 Points for Pass TD Rankings — Leagues which award six points for a passing TD create more separation between QBs. And also more separation between QBs and other positions.
  • Dynasty Rankings — Pat Kerrane’s extremely thorough examination of Dynasty. Includes contract status and is adjusted for age.
  • Dynasty Rookie Rankings — Pat Kerrane’s rankings for rookie-only drafts in Dynasty formats.



Our site-specific rankings reflect the site’s starting lineup requirements, scoring system and ADP data:

  • Top 300 for Underdog Best Ball — Our Top 300 rankings for our recommended fantasy platform for Best Ball contests, Underdog Fantasy.
  • Top 300 for DraftKings Best Ball — DraftKings unveiled four Best Ball tournaments in August. Our experts created a Top 300 list to help you with DK’s format.
  • Top 300 for FanDuel Best Ball — FanDuel revealed their new Best Ball format shortly after DraftKings. Our NFL team compiled a Top 300 list specifically geared toward their format.
  • FFPC Rankings — FFPC leagues feature TE-premium scoring, just two starting WR spots and two flex spots.
  • NFFC Rankings — NFFC leagues skew WR-heavy with a full-PPR format and three starting WR spots. The format is also favorable for QBs with six points for a passing TD and one point per 20 passing yards.



We’ve aggregated Average Draft Position (ADP) reports from the most important markets. Use this data to understand how your rankings differ from the market, so you can construct a draft strategy.

  • Re-Draft — ADP data for season-long leagues, aggregated from five different outlets.
  • Best Ball — ADP data for Best Ball leagues, also known as “draft only” leagues. No transactions after the draft.
  • Dynasty — ADP data for Dynasty leagues. This report includes both standard leagues and superflex leagues.