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What a week it has been for ETR Golf. The biggest news, of course, is the newest member of our team, @SkyHookDFS, who I know will bring a ton of value to the product as a whole. Of course, the most important thing here is whether or not he will bring entertainment to the Discord. As the Discord does, let’s make sure we judge our newest contributor with a very harsh scoring system and needle him along the way. I will leave it up to Discord leader cnunn to keep me updated on this newest development. Other than that, SkyHook has also allowed me to move this article to a new Wednesday at noon time slot. This is probably the biggest news for ETR Golf in a while. I am quite thankful to Skylar for allowing me to do this. Going forward, this means that most of the articles can be written with at least some semblance of an idea of what ETR projections and ownership will look like. So for those of you who were clamoring for that, like Discord bad guy Mandos, your wish has been granted.

Moving on to more pressing matters, let’s talk some actual golf. We complete our quick two-week Texas stint this week at the Valero Texas Open after a pretty exciting week at the Houston Open just this past weekend. While I actually missed registering for most of the lotto GPPs because of some other prior engagements, I am pretty pumped to get into the large-field GPP streets in preparation for The Masters. You’ll see me in a few different qualifiers for sure as well as potentially the Sand Trap, dependent on how I feel about the slate. At the very least, I’ll be in the $5 Drive the Green!


Houston Open – Recap

As I mentioned, I didn’t end up playing a ton for the Houston Open. In hindsight, I’m a bit bummed about this because I think I would have put together a strong player pool. In my chalk section, I suggested being underweight Scottie Scheffler and ensuring you didn’t play too much chalk if you did play him. I also mentioned FULL FADING Mackenzie Hughes, which didn’t really work out, as Hughes had a big R4. Either way, with Scottie’s T2 finish, he was NOT a necessary piece of the winning lineup, especially because Tony Finau was able to essentially match his DK output with a T2 at $3K cheaper. Those of you that did play Scottie and boosted some lower-owned expensive players with him could have created huge leverage on the field by doing so. Let’s take a look at the winning lineup characteristics before moving to the Valero!

  • The lineup featured a quite interesting build with Scottie Scheffler and no $9K or $10K players, instead choosing to go into the $8K range twice as well as dipping into the $5K price range! Make your lineups unique through basic roster construction rules. I will continue to say it week after week, as we consistently see these different types of lineups rise to the top of the leaderboards. Whether it’s skipping whole price ranges, boosting players within the same price range together, or whatever it may be, understanding the differences of just pressing ‘optimize’ and optimizing with some slight tweaks could be huge.
  • It had a cumulative ownership of 77.5%, within our target cumulative ownership range of 60-80% in these normal, full-field cut events.
  • Here’s a quick shout-out to Discord and ETR Golf robot Grex123, who took fourth in the Pitch and Putt and probably first in some other high-stakes contests, but I don’t want to take the time to look. And, of course, congratulations to him on becoming a new dad!


Valero Texas Open – Preview

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