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Last Updated: 8/4/22 3:22 PM EST


Preseason DFS is a different beast. Unlike the regular season, our main job is to identify players who will get the most playing time. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Our team spends an unhealthy amount of time researching to come up with the Depth Chart Notes, Top Plays (below), and Live Show. Note that the Live Show will begin at 6:30pm ET tonight.

For Showdown slates, please be sure to consult Cody Main’s article

Preseason DFS is Back! We have you covered.

Our team of analysts, led by Levitan and Evan Silva create content to help you navigate Preseason DFS contests. The ETR team maintains updated Preseason Depth Charts (with notes), Tiered Top Plays and Live Shows to provide context for Preseason DFS players.

Our goal is to provide you with just the right amount of information to get you ready to compete, while not overwhelming you with unimportant details.

If you aren’t satisfied with this product for any reason, just email us within 48 hours of purchase and we’ll provide a full refund.

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