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Our 2021 Bundle Subscription is live. Get our best deal!

At Establish The Run, we love football. And just as much, we love trying to profit from our football knowledge. That’s why we grind preseason DFS, why we followed the AAF (RIP) and why we’ll be diving headfirst into the new XFL.

Traditionally, it’s easier to find edges in these niche leagues because information is scarcer, playing time is more difficult to project and the players are far from household names. Even marginal gains in these areas can lead to significant jumps in expected value.


The goal: Our goal is to do the hard work in the background to make it easier for you to compete in and enjoy playing XFL DFS. If you only have a few minutes to put together a team, we’re confident our Tiered Top Plays will help you be competitive. If you have a few hours or more per week to dive into depth charts and watch our slate breakdown show, we think you’ll be more informed than the vast majority of DFS players.

Our XFL package will include:

* Tiered Top Plays for main DFS slates. This is our team giving our collective best opinions at which plays are the best at each position, with notes on each included player.

* Team-by-team skill position depth charts that are consistently updated for news, injuries and playing time. These depth charts will update on the weekends, when a majority of XFL games are played.

* A Thursday night show, also available for replay or podcast, breaking down the upcoming week’s slate. Will feature Evan Silva, Adam Levitan and Sean Newsham (participants may vary week to week).

* A weekly team-by-team recap article, highlighting the most important fantasy takeaways.

To view our XFL content schedule, click here.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our XFL product is available for purchase now at $119.99 for the season or $19.99 per week. Click HERE for more information.


Why is this so expensive? A couple reasons. Most importantly, high-quality content on the XFL is not easy to produce. Our aim is to go well beyond the quality you will find elsewhere. Second, the XFL player pools on DraftKings and FanDuel will not be large as compared to the NFL. Our subscribers will benefit from fewer people using our content. In other words, for this product, we think it’s better for us and our customers to have less people paying more money than more people paying less money.

Is this a subscription product? Yes. Both the XFL Season Pass and XFL Weekly Pass are subscriptions. The Season Pass is an up-front cost of $119.99 for 10 regular season weeks + two weeks of playoffs. This product will renew prior to next year’s XFL season, unless cancelled. The XFL Weekly Pass is a weekly cost of $19.99 billed for 10 regular season weeks + two weeks of playoffs. For both the XFL Season Pass and XFL Weekly Pass, you may cancel your subscription at any time, and for those with ongoing subscriptions in future years, we will email you prior to re-starting any future billing.

What is the XFL schedule? The XFL season starts Feb. 8. There are eight teams in the league and almost every game is on national television. You can see the full schedule here.

What will the XFL DFS action be like? We know that both DraftKings and Fanduel will be hosting DFS contests. We expect some initial tournaments to be significantly larger than preseason NFL, which often topped out at $100K prize pools.  

How are the XFL rules different? Most rules are identical to the NFL. There are some minor changes to kickoffs, the catch rule, double forward pass when behind line of scrimmage and clock stoppages. For our purposes, we need to factor in no extra points (teams must go for a conversion after a TD) and that the clock will run on incompletions outside of the final two minutes.

The bottom line is the rules are skewed heavily toward the offense. Receivers only need to get one part of their body inbounds to make a catch. Coaches can communicate in the helmets with all the offensive players… defenses are only expected to have three headsets in helmets. Creative coaches can scheme plays to exploit the double forward pass (while behind line of scrimmage). Add in a 25-second play clock and dedicated ball-spotter, and we are expecting games to be higher scoring than the AAF was.

How do rule these changes affect DFS strategy? As said above, there may be more scoring than some expect due to no extra points (creating more conversion scoring attempts for QB’s especially) and in general rules that favor the offense. As always, the rules of the game are important, but what ultimately matters most is how much usage players will get combined with how productive they expect to be in that usage. For tournaments, it is also important to have an understanding of what players our opponents are likely to pick so we can consider whether contrarian options make sense. These factors come together to create a game where optimal strategies will fluctuate on a week-to-week basis, and we expect these strategies in a new market like the XFL to be even more volatile than the NFL. All told, this is where our focus lies: putting all this information together and providing analysis to help you make decisions.

For more on the rules and a team-by-team preview plus rankings, click here.