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One of our goals is to keep our content organized, actionable and fluff-free. With that in mind, we wanted to post a content schedule so subscribers know what to expect and when to expect it. If you haven’t signed up for XFL yet, click here to view our package options. 


* 830pm ET: Establish The Show — Adam Levitan, Evan Silva and Sean Newsham walk you through every angle of the upcoming slate, discussing every viable play. This show will be streamed live and also available for audio download plus rewind after it’s over.


* 7pm ET: XFL Top Plays — Our team’s favorite options for the main slate, sorted by tiers and accompanied by notes. This article will be updated for late news via notes at the top of the page. These updates will continue through the weekend, when a majority of the XFL games will be played.


* 7pm ET: Final Depth Charts Update — Our XFL Depth Charts will be constantly updated anytime there is news. These depth charts include notes on injuries and playing time.


* 11am ET: Team-by-Team Recap: John Ferguson explains what fantasy players need to know from the previous week’s games. Nuggets on injuries, usage notes, coaching tendencies and depth chart changes.



For more on our XFL content, check out our FAQ page. To purchase our XFL package, click here