One of our goals is to keep our content organized, actionable and fluff-free. With that in mind, we wanted to post a content schedule so subscribers know what to expect and when to expect it. If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to view our package options.



* 2pm ET: ETR Showdown Package — Charts, groups and ownership content ahead of the Monday Night Football game.

* 3pm ET: Andrew Wiggins’ High-Stakes Lineup Review – Wiggins, aka Makisupa on DFS sites, is among the highest-stakes and most successful players in the game. Each week he’ll walk you through his decisions, lineup and strategy in a screencast – regardless of results.


* 11am ET: ETR’s Waiver Wire Analysis – A thorough examination of how season-long players should be attacking their waiver wire each week.

* 4pm ET: Josh Hermsmeyer’s Buy-Low Model – A model which uses Air Yards and other factors to pinpoint spike weeks from pass-catchers. For more on the Buy-Low Model, read this free article and listen to Episode 4 of our podcast. The first edition of this model will be released ahead of Week 2, as it needs a week of data to function.


* 9am ET: Evan Silva and Adam Levitan podcast – A review of the previous week’s action, highlighting the most important and actionable takeaways. This show will be audio only and available for stream or download on the site. The first episode of this show will be following Week 1.

* 10am ET: Pat Thorman’s Snaps/Pace analysis – Examining teams likely to play fast or slow, a crucial factor when determining how many plays (aka fantasy opportunities) players will receive.

* 10pm ET: Pat Thorman’s Rankings – Thorman has finished in the top-6 of the fantasy football weekly rankings competition three times in the last five years. His weekly rankings will stay updated until kickoff Sunday.

* 11pm ET: Adam Levitan’s DFS Ownership Projections First Run – If playing large-field GPPs, knowing what your opponents will do is almost as important as which players to select. These projections for the Sunday main slate will be updated on Friday night and again on Sunday morning.


* 2pm ET: ETR Showdown Package —
Charts, groups and ownership content ahead of the Thursday Night Football game.

* 4pm ET: Evan Silva’s Matchups Column – The gold standard for football writing on the internet. Silva touches on every single fantasy-relevant player using a combination of data, news, tape-watching and advanced statistics.

* 5pm ET: Brandon Thorn’s OL/DL mismatches — Projecting pressure is incredibly valuable for making D/ST selections as well as QB. Brandon specializes in evaluating offensive and defensive lines.


* 1pm ET: Audio Reading of Silva’s Full Matchups Column — If you prefer to have Silva’s Matchups read to you rather than read it, we have you covered. You’ll be able to download the audio from our site.

* 8pm ET: Establish The Show – Evan and Adam go position-by-position, discussing every viable play on the upcoming main slate. This show will be streamed live and also available rewind and/or audio download after it’s over.

* 11pm ET: ETR’s DFS Top Plays – Our favorite options for the main slate in DFS, sorted in a pool by position.

* 11pm ET: Adam Levitan’s Player Props I Bet — Some of these lines will be long gone. Idea is to help readers develop a process for betting player props on their own.


* 11:45am ET: Evan Silva and Adam Levitan Last-Minute Live Stream – Evan and Adam have the final word on any late news, changes in outlooks and lineup constructions.

* 2pm ET: ETR Showdown Package — Charts, groups and ownership content ahead of the Sunday Night Football game.