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Rest of Season Top 150

Looking for up-to-date rankings for season-long fantasy trades or waiver wire adds? Our staff ranks the Rest of Season Top 150 each week to give subscribers a sense of season-long player values. Click here to view our current rankings.






We’ve spent the past two seasons gathering a large enough sample to confidently review contest results to identify where we have an edge and how we can improve our overall lineup building process. We recommend reviewing this article to understand macro concepts suited for beating large-field showdown tournaments and this article for thoughts on building unique lineups before the slate locks. There you’ll find our thoughts on proper captain selection, optimal roster construction, and some ideas on how to ensure your lineups aren’t duplicated. Like most DFS lineups, the best showdown lineups are created where uniqueness, optimal correlation, and max projected points meet. We’ll continually update this section with the latest showdown strategy and trends as the 2021 season progresses. Below you can review winning lineups from the 2020-21 season to better familiarize yourself with winning roster construction.



Historical Winning Lineups

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