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Underdog Fantasy Battle Royale

Our friends at Underdog Fantasy are still running fantasy football drafts all season long! ETR creates weekly rankings for these contests.

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In the below table, you will find Underdog’s Fantasy DFS Pick ‘Em lines. On Saturdays by 2pm ET, we will add in our projections so you can compare. The table will update continuously. Reminder that if you haven’t signed up for Underdog Fantasy yet, use promo code ETR and you’ll receive a signup bonus up to $100.

Some tips for using the table below:

  • Our mean projection is our average expectation for a stat category based on our projected volume and efficiency for the player. These are the same expectations that feed our fantasy point projections. Our mean projections serve as an initial guide, but please keep in mind a player’s median projection, what we’d expect them to achieve 50% of the time, is more applicable here. In general, a player’s median outcome is lower than our mean projections due to a combination of how player distributions work and outcomes that are a bit less predictable (like an in game injury).
  • The two difference columns are there for ease of sorting and organizing the table. However, they aren’t by themselves indications of strength of a play. For example, a player who projects for 8 yards and has an Underdog stat of 5 yards will have a percentage difference of 60%, but there’s a lot of volatility there. Another player may have a yardage projection of 250 yards and a Underdog stat of 200 yards. The percentage difference is far less, but the latter would be a better “above” selection than the former.

Props without projections:

Underdog Fantasy Pick'em

PlayerPositionTeamOpponentStat CategoryUnderdog Projection
DeVonta SmithWRPHIKCReceiving Yards58.5
Isiah PachecoRBKCPHIReceiving Yards14.5
Patrick MahomesQBKCPHICompletions25.5
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCPassing Yards244.5
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCRushing Yards50.5
Patrick MahomesQBKCPHITotal Yards314.5
Isiah PachecoRBKCPHIRushing Yards49.5
Kenneth GainwellRBPHIKCRushing Yards19.5
Miles SandersRBPHIKCRushing Yards58.5
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCPassing Attempts31.5
A.J. BrownWRPHIKCFantasy Points13.8
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCPassing Yards224.5
A.J. BrownWRPHIKCReceptions5.5
Patrick MahomesQBKCPHIRushing Yards18.5
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCRushing Yards48.5
Jerick McKinnonRBKCPHIReceiving Yards22.5
Travis KelceTEKCPHIReceiving Yards78.5
A.J. BrownWRPHIKCReceptions5.5
Kenneth GainwellRBPHIKCRushing + Receiving Yards22.5
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCCompletions21.5
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCRushing TDs0.5
Jack StollTEPHIKCReceiving Yards9.5
Miles SandersRBPHIKCRushing Yards60.5
A.J. BrownWRPHIKCReceiving Yards75.5
DeVonta SmithWRPHIKCReceptions5.0
Travis KelceTEKCPHIReceiving TDs0.5
Kenneth GainwellRBPHIKCRushing Attempts4.5
Kenneth GainwellRBPHIKCRushing Yards12.5
Quez WatkinsWRPHIKCReceptions2.0
Miles SandersRBPHIKCReceiving Yards5.5
DeVonta SmithWRPHIKCReceptions5.5
Miles SandersRBPHIKCRushing + Receiving Yards65.5
DeVonta SmithWRPHIKCReceiving Yards64.5
DeVonta SmithWRPHIKCFantasy Points11.0
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCTotal Yards279.5
Miles SandersRBPHIKCRushing Attempts13.0
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCTotal Yards300.5
Isiah PachecoRBKCPHIRushing Attempts11.5
Kenneth GainwellRBPHIKCRushing + Receiving Yards35.5
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCPassing Attempts28.5
Patrick MahomesQBKCPHIPassing Yards292.5
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCRushing Attempts10.5
Quez WatkinsWRPHIKCReceiving Yards25.5
Kenneth GainwellRBPHIKCReceiving Yards11.5
Miles SandersRBPHIKCRushing + Receiving TDs0.5
Miles SandersRBPHIKCFantasy Points11.3
Dallas GoedertTEPHIKCReceptions4.5
Jerick McKinnonRBKCPHIRushing Yards22.5
Boston ScottRBPHIKCRushing Yards7.5
Isiah PachecoRBKCPHIRushing + Receiving Yards70.5
Dallas GoedertTEPHIKCReceiving Yards46.5
Quez WatkinsWRPHIKCReceiving Yards13.5
Miles SandersRBPHIKCRushing + Receiving Yards70.5
Jerick McKinnonRBKCPHIRushing + Receiving Yards48.5
Quez WatkinsWRPHIKCReceptions1.5
Travis KelceTEKCPHIReceptions7.5
Miles SandersRBPHIKCReceiving Yards4.5
Patrick MahomesQBKCPHIInterceptions0.5
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCFantasy Points22.6
Patrick MahomesQBKCPHIPassing Attempts38.5
A.J. BrownWRPHIKCReceiving Yards72.5
Miles SandersRBPHIKCRushing Attempts14.5
Kenneth GainwellRBPHIKCReceiving Yards6.5
Jerick McKinnonRBKCPHIReceptions3.0
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCRushing Attempts10.0
Jalen HurtsQBPHIKCPassing TDs1.5

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