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One of our goals is to keep our content organized, actionable, and fluff-free. With that in mind, we’re excited to reveal what will be in our 2023 In-Season Product. This product covers Week 1 through the Super Bowl. It does NOT include our in-season NFL player props

Note 1: This is NOT a complete schedule yet — we will have more content announcements soon. If you haven’t subscribed yet, click here.

Note 2: NFL in-season props are NOT part of the in-season package — and therefore not listed here. Click here for more information on props.  

Note 3: All content below is premium and part of our “In-Season NFL Subscription” unless noted as “free”.



* 9 a.m. ET: Drew Dinkmeyer, Adam Levitan, and Mike Leone DFS Tournament Review  Some of the best DFS GPP players in the game look back at the previous week’s slate. Who were the best tournament plays based on ownership and projection? How is the field changing their strategy? What can we learn? Did certain winning lineups get lucky, or were they actually good lineups?

* 9 a.m. ET: Adam Levitan DFS Cash Lineup Review (Free) – Adam reveals the results of his DFS cash-game lineup from the previous day, regardless of results. He goes in-depth on key decisions, rationale, and outcome. Here is an example.

* 2 p.m. ET: ETR Showdown Package for MNF – Everything you need to get ready for the Monday Night Football Showdown slate on DraftKings. DFS write-up, projections for every player, ownership projections, trends, historical data, roster construction, and more. Here is an example from last season.



* 11 a.m. ET: ETR’s Waiver Wire Analysis – Our comprehensive examination of how season-long players should be attacking their waiver wire each week. Includes suggested FAAB bids and streaming options. In the second half of the season, we’ll add a “preparing for the fantasy playoffs” section.

* Noon ET: ETR’s Awards Market Show (Alternating free/premium. Show airs bi-weekly) – Adam Levitan, Ryan Reynolds, and Gary Hartman discuss betting on awards. MVP, OPOY, OROY, Comeback, Coach, and other markets. This show debuts ahead of Week 3.

* 1 p.m. ET: Jack Miller’s Week In Review – Strength in Numbers Jack reviews Sunday’s slate from a usage and numbers perspective. What did we find that isn’t in a traditional box score? This article is intended to help people with season-long waivers, as well as DFS players. This article debuts after Week 1.

* 3 p.m. ET: Adam Levitan solo pod (Free) – Adam reviews the week in DFS from both a cash and GPP perspective, reflecting on big-picture lessons. He also takes the wildly popular listener questions on topics ranging from game selection to relationships. You can find all of our free podcasts here.

* 3:45 p.m. ET: Waiver Wire Show with Adam Levitan and Sam Sherman (Free) – Adam and Sam discuss the biggest names available on the waiver wire this week. They also take your questions. Additionally, Sam will be hosting office hours for waiver questions in discord. 

* 5 p.m. ET: Ryan Reynolds’ Awards Betting Analysis – Futures markets are typically quite soft, and that’s especially true for awards. Ryan will examine the current markets for MVP, DPOY, ROY, and Coach of Year. Here is an example. NOTE: This column runs bi-weekly.

* 9 p.m. ET: Evan Silva and Adam Levitan team-by-team podcasts (Free) – Evan and Adam go team-by-team through all 32 franchises, highlighting important takeaways from the previous week’s action and looking ahead to the next week.

* 11 p.m. ET: ETR’s Tournament Targets Model (aka Buy Leone Model) for RB, WR/TE – Mike Leone uses machine learning models and deeper data to figure out which players are underperforming their opportunity. The model will have separate lists for each of the two positions. Note: The model debuts in Week 3, as it needs two weeks to gather data.



* 10 a.m. ET: Pat Thorman’s Snaps & Pace analysis – More plays means more opportunities for fantasy points. Pat is the industry leader in evaluating trends around no-huddle and pace to project fast or slow games. Here is an example.

* 10 a.m. ET: ETR’s Defense vs. Position rankings – We use data, tape, and personnel to determine how each NFL defense ranks vs every fantasy position. We consider this essential info for DFS, but it’s also useful for trades, start/sit decisions, and waiver wire considerations in season-long. NOTE: This article begins ahead of Week 3, as our model needs two weeks of data to run.

* Noon ET: ETR’s Rest of Season Rankings – Each week until the fantasy playoffs, we rank the top 150 skill players for the rest of the season for season-long players. This factors in byes, injuries, and trends. Ideal for evaluating season-long trades. NOTE: This article begins ahead of Week 2 and ends after Week 13.

* 1pm ET: Season-long Buys and Sells – Our Jack Miller combines with the ETR staff to identify moves to make in season-long formats. Players to buy and sell based on future expectations, not past performance.

* 2 p.m. ET: Rest of Season Top-150 Podcast (Free)  Adam Levitan, Mike Leone, and Mark Dankenbring discuss the newly released Rest of Season rankings. This is available on YouTube or anywhere podcasts are found. This show ends at Week 13.

* 9 p.m. ET: Underdog Fantasy Best Ball Rankings  Our rankings for both one-week Best Ball snake drafts and Underdog’s “Resurrection” tournament. These are not straight projections — it’s important to adjust the rankings for position scarcity and format strategy.

* 10 p.m. ET: Pat Thorman’s Rankings – Pat has finished in the top 10 of FantasyPros’ accuracy competition rankings in six of the last nine years. He won the event in 2022, claiming THE most accurate in-season rankings. He ranks every viable player at every position each week. These rankings will stay updated until kickoff Sunday.

* 11 p.m. ET: ETR’s DFS Ownership Projections First Run – In large-field DFS tournaments, knowing what our opponents will do is extremely important. Adam has his finger on the pulse of the industry and has been projecting ownership for the last five years. These projections are for Sunday’s main slate on DraftKings and FanDuel. They are updated Friday night and again on Sunday morning as news breaks.

* 11 p.m. ET: Fantasy-Point Projections for Every Player – We use math, a unique understanding of player usage, matchups, and more to emerge with a fantasy-point projection for every player. These will be for both DraftKings, FanDuel, AND Yahoo (new!) formats. They will also be viewable by slate. They will update on Friday nights and again on Sunday mornings. Includes our ceiling projections.



* 11 a.m. ET: Adam Levitan’s Putting “Buy Leone Model” in Context – Adam digests the Model for each position, contextualizing the data for injuries, game flow, and projected ownership in DFS tournaments. See above for more on the model.

* 2 p.m. ET: ETR Showdown Package for TNF – Everything you need to get ready for the Thursday Night Football Showdown slate on DraftKings. Ownership projections, trends, historical data, projections for every player, roster construction, and more.

* 5 p.m. ET: ETR’s Cheap WR Volume – Gary Hartman combs the main slate and discusses the best WR values under $5,000 on DraftKings and under $5,500 on FanDuel. Here is an example.

* 6 p.m. ET: Evan Silva’s Matchups Column – The gold standard for football writing on the internet. Evan thoroughly dissects every situation and skill player in every game of the week, using a combination of data, news, tape-watching, and advanced statistics. Useful for season-long, DFS, props, and sports betting. Here is an example.

* 6 p.m. ET: Brandon Thorn’s OL/DL Mismatches – Brandon is an offensive and defensive line evaluation specialist. Each week, he examines each game and emerges with the biggest mismatches to help us with our D/ST and QB selections. This unique analysis has a far greater impact on the outcome of NFL games than public perception. Here is an example.

In addition, Brandon includes weekly 32-team rankings of both offensive lines and pass-rush units this season. These will be adjusted for injuries and level of play.

* 6 p.m. ET: Thursday Night Football Showdown YouTube Show (Free) – Our team sits down to discuss Thursday Night Football from a single-game DFS perspective. They will discuss both overarching strategy for the slate and individual player outlooks.



* 11 a.m. ET: GPP Game Scores  We use our player projections and our projected ownership in conjunction with an understanding of game environments to emerge with the best games to attack for GPPs.

* 1 p.m. ET: Audio Reading of Silva’s Full Matchups Column – If you prefer to have Silva’s Matchups read to you rather than read it yourself, we have you covered. The audio version will be available through our subscriber-only RSS feed.

* 7 p.m. ET: Gary Hartman’s GPP Leverage – Our deep dive on large-field GPP strategy for the week. Correlations, groups, ownership leverage, contrarian plays, and much more. Gary has established himself as one of the game’s most successful and thoughtful GPP players, racking up multiple big scores and a Milly Maker win in his career.

* 7 p.m. ET: Establish The Show – Evan, Adam, and Andrew Wiggins go position-by-position through the main slate. They touch on every viable DFS play for both cash games and tournaments. This show will be streamed live and also available afterward for video replay and/or audio download. Here’s an example.

* 11 p.m. ET: DraftKings Large, Medium, and Small-Field Projected Ownership (NEW) – Understanding what our opponents will do is a massive key to playing DFS tournaments. This year, we’re adding a page that displays our projected ownership for: Large-field 150-max like the Slant. Medium-field 150-max like the Wildcat. Small-field 3-max like the Juke.

* 11 p.m. ET: ETR’s DFS Top Plays – Our favorite core and cash options for the main slate in DFS, sorted by position and by best value. Here’s an example. This page will stay updated until lock on Sundays.



* 10 a.m. ET: Establish The Million DFS GPP Show w/ Drew Dinkmeyer and Mike Leone – Drew and Mike are two of the most successful DFS tournament players in the world. On this show, they’ll analyze the slate from a large-field GPP perspective, discussing optimal strategies and players with an emphasis on ownership and correlation. This show will be streamed live and also available for replay.

* 2 p.m. ET: Written Podcast Summaries  We know you might not have enough time to watch Establish The Show, Establish The Million, and our Team-by-Team podcasts. So our team will compile a written summary of the shows, highlighting key points and takeaways.

* 3 p.m. ET: Full Stat Projections Released  We reveal our projection detail for the week. Exactly how many rushes, rushing yards, receptions, receiving yards, and everything else. Useful for betting props and/or understanding our assumptions.

* 3 p.m. ET: Underdog “Fantasy Pick ‘Em” vs. ETR Projections Table – We pull in the PrizePicks contests for their Pick ‘Em game and compare them to our projections.

* 3 p.m. ET: PrizePicks “Fantasy Pick ‘Em” vs. ETR Projections Table – We pull in the PrizePicks contests for their Pick ‘Em game and compare them to our projections.



* 10 a.m. ET: Wake and Rake w/ Andrew Wiggins, Mike Leone, and special guest Peter Jennings  Nosebleed-stakes pros Andrew Wiggins, Mike Leone, and Peter Jennings talk final DFS decisions. After they’ve been building lineups and working through the projections, they reveal where they’ve found leverage and where projections are fragile.

* 11:45 a.m. ET: Last-Minute Live Stream w/ Evan Silva and Adam Levitan – Evan and Adam have the final word on any late news, injuries, inactives, changes in outlook, weather, and lineup constructions. They also take as many listener questions as possible from the chat.

* Noon ET: Final Run of Player Projections, Ownership Projections, and Top Plays – We keep our core DFS content up to date right until lock. See the descriptions above on these topics for more.

* 3 p.m. ET: ETR Showdown Package SNF – Everything you need to get ready for the Sunday Night Football Showdown slate on DraftKings. DFS write-up, ownership projections, trends, historical data, roster construction, and more.