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Our Draft Kit is overflowing with the resources you need to win your league. At a high level, we have rankings for nearly every fantasy football format and content around those rankings to provide you with additional context. The goal of this page is to ensure all subscribers can find everything easily and quickly. If you haven’t yet purchased our Draft Kit, click here.


Editor’s Note: Our Draft Kit includes everything you need to get ready for your fantasy football draft. Evan Silva’s rankings, tiers, team-by-team previews, sleepers, busts and tons more. It’s just $34.99 and comes with a $25 FFPC coupon. Click here for more details.  


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* Evan Silva’s Top 150 — An annual tradition. Evan ranks his Top 150 skill players for season-long drafts.

* Silva’s Top 150 Change Log — A running list of Evan’s Top 150 changes and the thought process behind them.

* Tiers of Evan — The optimal way to draft is through tiers. Evan divides 57 QBs, 102 RBs, 117 WRs and 69 TEs into tiers.

* Silva’s D/ST Tiers & Rankings — Evan places all 32 D/STs into tiers, with notes on schedule, personnel changes, pass rushing strength, and projected game scripts.

* Fantasy Football Rankings Hub — A page linking you to all of our rankings and ADP reports.

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* ETR’s Top 300 for Full-PPR — Our Top-300 rankings for point-per-reception leagues. These include kicker and defense. Half-PPR rankings here. Non-PPR rankings here.

* ETR’s Top 300 for FFPC — FFPC uses TE-premium and a double-flex format while requiring owners to start just two WRs. These are our rankings for that specific format. This table also includes constantly updating FFPC average draft position.

* ETR’s Top 300 for NFFC — NFFC uses full-PPR and QB-enhanced scoring. These are our rankings specific for that format. This table also includes constantly updating FFPC average draft position.

* ETR’s Top 300 for 2QB and Superflex — Leagues where owners can start two quarterbacks are becoming increasingly popular. Our research has shown that our rankings for 2QB and Superflex are the same.

* Dynasty Rankings — Dynasty specialist Pat Kerrane uses age, contract status, talent, current situation and more to rank his top 250 players for Dynasty leagues.

* Dynasty Rookie Rankings — Kerrane’s data-driven top 50 for Dynasty Rookie Drafts.

* ETR’s Top 300 Auction Values (Half PPR)— Our baseline suggestions for how much each player is worth in an Auction Draft.

* ETR’s Top 300 Auction Values (Non-PPR) — Our suggested Auction Values in standard leagues. Players with less upside in the passing game show better in these rankings.

* ETR’s Top 300 Auction Values (Full PPR) — Our suggested Auction Values in Full PPR auction drafts. Players with high target expectations take precedence.

* ETR’s Top 300 Auction Values (2-QB) — Our suggested Auction Values for 2-QB leagues.

* ETR’s Top 300 for 6-point Pass TD — Our rankings for leagues where QBs get a boost via the 6-point per pass TD format.

* ETR’s Underdog Fantasy Best Ball Rankings — Our Top 300 rankings for our recommended fantasy platform for Best Ball contests, Underdog Fantasy.

* ETR’s DraftKings Best Ball Rankings — DraftKings recently unveiled four Best Ball tournaments. This is our Top 300 for this format.

* ETR’s FanDuel Best Ball Rankings — FanDuel recently went live with their Best Ball format. Our team compiled their Top 300 rankings for that specific site.


* Silva’s Team-by-Team Previews — Evan’s deep examination of every team’s fantasy outlook for the season. Includes thoughts on every skill player and the win total. Here’s an example from last year.

* Average Draft Position Reports — Get a grip on what our opponents think of players. Our ADP data comes from real-money sources and is constantly updating. Here is Best Ball ADP, here is Season-Long ADP.

* Silva’s Deep Sleepers — Evan’s favorite later-round picks with an early-June ADP of 180 or later.

* Silva and Levitan $350 draft replay — Evan and Adam participated in a $350 buy-in season-long draft. They recorded the entire thing, sharing thought process throughout.

* Silva and Levitan $350 draft replay 2.0 — Evan and Adam participated in another $350 buy-in FFPC season-long draft on July 26. The duo implemented a Zero RB strategy, built around a Falcons stack.

* Silva’s $1,850 draft recap — Evan goes pick-by-pick through his high-stakes season-long draft.

* Underdog Fantasy Best Ball Live Stream — Adam Levitan and Michael Leone navigate an entire 18-round Underdog Fantasy Best Ball draft while answering subscriber questions.

* Silva’s Live Blog: Apex League Draft — Evan Silva is competing in a 12-team expert draft against some of the best season-long fantasy footballers in the world. Follow along here.

* Thorman’s Best Values — Pat Thorman identifies players at all ranges of FFPC drafts who are undervalued.

* Kerrane’s Zero-RB 101 — Everything you need to know about the “Zero RB” drafting strategy and how it applies to this year’s draft landscape. He also discusses his favorite earlyish-round RBs here.

* Kerrane’s How to Hit on a Late-Round RB — Even if you’re not employing a zero-RB strategy, this is a must-read. Pat uses historical “hit rate” data and explores the type of profiles and players we should be looking at for the RB position.

* Kerrane’s RBs to Target in Rounds 7-10 — Running backs selected in Rounds 4-6 have the same historical hit rate as those selected in Rounds 7-10. But who to target this year? Kerrane uses data-driven criteria to find out.

* Kerrane’s RBs to Target in Rounds 11-14 — It’s harder to find RBs who fit the proper criteria this late, but there are a few guys who fit the mold.

* Kerrane’s RBs to Target in Flier Range — COVID-19 could force teams to reach way down the depth chart for production. Pat highlights some possible end-of-draft targets at the RB position.

* Thorman’s Pace Outlook — More snaps means more chances for fantasy points. Pat discusses teams which will either play faster or slower in 2020.

* Kerrane’s 2nd-Year WR Deep Dives — History has repeatedly proven that getting 2nd-year WRs right is a key to fantasy. Kerrane thoroughly examines this year’s class in a three-part series. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

* Kerrane: TE Target Profiles — Pat Kerrane uses yards per route run data to explain elite TE seasons since 2006.

* Kerrane: TE Targets and Fades in the Early Rounds — Utilizing Targets per Route Run and Yards per Target data, Pat Kerrane previews the outlooks for seven early-round tight ends ahead of the 2020 season.

* Kerrane: TE Targets and Fades in the Middle Rounds — Utilizing metrics that matter, our Pat Kerrane examines the outlooks for the middle-round tight ends in 2020 fantasy drafts. Does Mike Gesicki fit the bill of a breakout?

* Deep Dive: Stacking in Season-Long Fantasy — ETR Director of Analytics Mike Leone uses math to determine how effective stacking is in season-long formats.

* Leone’s Value-Based Stacks — Mike uses our Top-300 rankings to uncover stacks to target in season-long tournaments.

* Leone’s Adjusting for Unique Scoring Formats — If you play in a league with non-traditional scoring or rosters, this article explains how to adjust your thought process.

* Brandon Thorn’s Offensive Line Rankings — Brandon dedicates his career to studying line play. He ranks each unit 1-32, giving his outlook on each. It’s an underrated component of building winning fantasy rosters.

* Brandon Thorn’s Defensive Line Pass Rush Rankings — Projecting pressure is incredibly useful for season-long bets, D/ST selections and QB streamers. Brandon ranks every pass-rushing unit from 1-32 and includes his impossible to replicate analysis.

* Zooming Out: Analyzing League Wide Trends— ETR’s Drew Dinkmeyer explores the latest league-wide usage and formation trends.

* Hermsmeyer: What Metrics Matter for Fantasy WRs? — There are dozens of stats we can look at to project WR performance. But which ones are actually predictive of future performance? Josh Hermsmeyer dives into the data to find out.

* Levitan: Season-Long Props I Bet — Our Adam Levitan shares some season-long player prop bets he’s already made for the upcoming NFL season. He explains his rationale behind each bet, and why the math backs his selections.

* Jack Haan’s Auction Game Plan — Auctions require a different mindset and gameplan than snake season-long drafts. Auction expert Jack Haan releases his entire strategy so you’re prepared.

* Levitan: Players with Paths to 2021 Fantasy First Round — Adam Levitan tries to identify possible emerging young stars, primarily at the running back and wide receiver positions, that could end up as 2021 first-round draft picks in fantasy.

* Silva: 2020 Sleepers and Undervalued — With the regular season quickly approaching, there are still some players that are being undervalued in fantasy drafts. Evan gives you his favorite sleepers heading into 2020.

* Silva’s Shy Away 30 — Evan’s annual list of players to avoid at their cost in fantasy drafts. Here’s the 2019 version of this article.

* Levitan: Abusing the Default Rankings (ESPN) — Adam looks at the default rankings in the ESPN draft applet, identifying players that are overvalued and undervalued.

* Levitan: Abusing the Default Rankings (Yahoo) — Adam reveals everything you need to know to gain an advantage when drafting on Yahoo’s platform this upcoming season.

* Levitan’s Favorite Fliers — Adam’s annual list of players he’s targeting in the 10th round or later (ADP of 120 or higher).


* Optimal Position Allocation: Underdog Fantasy Best Ball
— How many players at each position should we draft in an Underdog Best Ball league? Adam Levitan explores.

* Optimal Position Allocation: FFPC Best Ball
— FFPC’s unique format extends to Best Ball. How many of each position should we take in a no-transaction league? Adam Levitan explores that question using historical win-rate data.

* Optimal Position Allocation: Yahoo Best Ball — How many players should we be rostering at each position in Yahoo Best Ball? Adam Levitan takes a data-driven approach to explore.

* Optimal Position Allocation: DraftKings Best Ball — DraftKings recently launched a Best Ball format with four season-long tournaments. Our Adam Levitan explores the optimal strategy, giving his recommendation on positional allocation.

* How To Attack Underdog’s $1M Best Ball Mania
 — Underdog’s $1M Best Ball Tournament requires a blend of DFS and large-field season-long skills. Drew Dinkmeyer examines the optimal strategy.

* Underdog Fantasy Best Ball Live Stream: August 23 — Evan Silva, Adam Levitan, and Mike Leone recorded themselves as they drafted an Underdog Fantasy Best Ball team. They discuss strategy, player selections, and take subscriber questions.

* ETR’s Top 300 For Underdog Fantasy Best Ball Rankings — Underdog is a brand new Best Ball app which features a $1M Championship tournament. These are our rankings for the format.

* ETR’s FanDuel Best Ball Rankings — DFS giant FanDuel recently launched their Best Ball format. Our team of NFL experts created their Top 300 rankings for that specific site.

* Thorman: Introduction to Underdog Best Ball Fantasy — Underdog is the newest Best Ball app. Pat Thorman takes an initial look at the settings, format and default rankings.

* Leone: Is Zero RB Viable on Underdog Fantasy? — How should we be handling the RB position on Underdog? Does the “draft only” format change what’s optimal? Our Mike Leone explores.

* Leone: Value Stacks for Underdog Best Ball — Mike Leone examines some stacks to target for the Underdog $1M Best Ball Championship.

* Silva’s Sneaky Stacks — Stacking in all formats is +EV, but it’s especially true in large-field Best Ball tournaments. Evan identifies undervalued team stacking options. Here’s the 2019 version of this article.

* Silva’s Best Ball Draft Recap — Evan goes pick-by-pick through a 20-round Best Ball draft he participated in, explaining his thought process.

* Levitan’s Fragile Players in Best Ball — The no-transaction format is unique. Adam identifies players whose fragility of role is not baked into their average draft position.

* Levitan’s low-stakes Best Ball recap — This is not an expert or high-stakes league. Hopefully, it resembles what you’ll see in your home league. Adam breaks it all down.

* Levitan’s Favorite Best Ball Fliers — ETR’s Adam Levitan reveals some of his favorite late-round sleepers (ADP of 120 or later) for Underdog Fantasy Best Ball.