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Our Draft Kit is overflowing with the resources you need to win your league. At a high level, we have rankings for nearly every fantasy football format and content around those rankings to provide you with additional context. The goal of this page is to ensure all subscribers can find everything easily and quickly. If you haven’t yet purchased our Draft Kit, click here.

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* Evan Silva’s Top 150 — An annual tradition. Evan ranks his Top 150 skill players for season-long drafts.

* Silva’s Top 150 Change Log — A running list of Evan’s Top 150 changes and the thought process behind them.

* Tiers of Evan — The optimal way to draft is through tiers. Evan divides 50 QBs, 96 RBs, 118 WRs, and 56 TEs into tiers.

* Fantasy Football Rankings Hub — A page linking you to all of our rankings and ADP reports.

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* ETR’s Top 300 for Full-PPR — Our Top-300 rankings for point-per-reception leagues. These include kicker and defense. Half-PPR rankings here. Non-PPR rankings here.

* ETR’s Top 300 for FFPC — FFPC uses TE-premium and a double-flex format while requiring owners to start just two WRs. These are our rankings for that specific format. This table also includes constantly updating FFPC average draft position.

* ETR’s Top 300 for NFFC — NFFC uses full-PPR and QB-enhanced scoring. These are our rankings specific for that format. This table also includes constantly updating FFPC average draft position.

* ETR’s Top 300 for 2QB and Superflex — Leagues where owners can start two quarterbacks are becoming increasingly popular. Our research has shown that our rankings for 2QB and Superflex are the same.

* Dynasty Rankings — Dynasty specialist Pat Kerrane uses age, contract status, talent, current situation and more to rank his top 250 players for Dynasty leagues.

* Dynasty Rookie Rankings — Kerrane’s data-driven top 50 for Dynasty Rookie Drafts.

* ETR’s Top 300 Auction Values (Half PPR)— Our baseline suggestions for how much each player is worth in an Auction Draft.

* ETR’s Top 300 Auction Values (Non-PPR) — Our suggested Auction Values in standard leagues. Players with less upside in the passing game show better in these rankings.

* ETR’s Top 300 Auction Values (Full PPR) — Our suggested Auction Values in Full PPR auction drafts. Players with high target expectations take precedence.

* ETR’s Top 300 Auction Values (2-QB) — Our suggested Auction Values for 2-QB leagues.

* ETR’s Top 300 for 6-point Pass TD — Our rankings for leagues where QBs get a boost via the 6-point per pass TD format.

* ETR’s Underdog Fantasy Best Ball Rankings — Our Top 300 rankings for our recommended fantasy platform for Best Ball contests, Underdog Fantasy.

* ETR’s DraftKings Best Ball Rankings — DraftKings recently unveiled four Best Ball tournaments. This is our Top 300 for this format.

* ETR’s FanDuel Best Ball Rankings — FanDuel recently went live with their Best Ball format. Our team compiled their Top 300 rankings for that specific site.

* ETR’s D/ST Tiers — The Ravens top ETR’s season-long rankings for D/ST. What other teams cracked Tier 1? We’ve split all 32 teams into six different tiers, with 10 teams falling into the “Do Not Draft” tier.

* ETR’s Kicker Tiers & Training Camp Battles — Kickers are people, too! And their points can be the difference between winning and losing a week in fantasy. Here are ETR’s kicker tiers for the 2021 season, led by Kansas City kicker Harrison Butker.

* ETR’s O-Line Rankings — Offensive line play can affect real-life game outcomes and fantasy outcomes for players. O-line guru Brandon Thorn has split all 32 teams into tiers for the upcoming season.

* ETR’s D-Line Rankings — Elite pass-rushers and run-stuffers can greatly affect NFL games. Trench expert Brandon Thorn has broken down every single defensive line, splitting each team into five different tiers. WFT leads the way.


Silva’s Team-by-Team Previews — Evan’s deep examination of every team’s fantasy outlook for the season. Includes thoughts on every skill player and the win total. Here’s an example from last year.

* Silva’s Shy Away List — Which players will fail drastically relative to ADP this season? Evan Silva does his best to identify potential fantasy-draft landmines with his Shy Away List for 2021.

* Silva: Sneaky Stacks — Stacking in best ball, large-field season-long, and DFS is often an optimal strategy. Evan Silva highlights some under-the-radar teams that he’s bullish on in 2021, including the Jaguars.

* Silva: Overvalued and Busts — Evan Silva delivers his list of 13 players that he perceives as overvalued or that will be busts relative to ADP in 2021.

* Silva: Sleepers and Undervalued — Evan Silva makes the case for 17 players he views as undervalued and sleepers relative to ADP in 2021.

* How to Create Unique Showdown Lineups — With actual regular season football less than a week away, showdown expert Cody Main breaks down what we learned from last year’s one-game slates and explains how to get unique in a format that rewards it.

* How to Beat Preseason Showdown — Preseason DFS is just around the corner, with the Hall of Fame Game kicking off on Aug. 5. ETR’s Showdown guru Cody Main shares six tips for creating better lineups during the PreSZN.

* Levitan: Favorite Fliers — Adam Levitan reveals the players he’s targeting in Round 10 or later of season-long drafts.

* Levitan: My Perfect Draft — Who are Adam Levitan’s favorite picks in each round? He reveals his ideal draft.

* Miller: How to Draft From Picks 1-4 — Jack Miller details how you should approach your season-long draft if you have an early pick in the first round.

* Miller: How to Draft From Picks 5-8 — Jack Miller goes over how you should attack a season-long fantasy draft if you have a pick in the middle of the first round.

* Miller: How to Draft From Picks 9-12 — Jack Miller explains how you should attack your redraft league if you have a late pick in the first round.

* Exploiting the Default Rankings: Yahoo — Many of our opponents will use the default rankings in Yahoo’s draft applet as a crutch. Those opponents deserve to be punished. Adam Levitan explores how.

* Exploiting the Default Rankings: ESPN — Many of our opponents will rely on the default rankings in ESPN’s draft applet as their research. We can exploit that in a big way. Adam Levitan explains how.

* Exploiting the Default Rankings: Sleeper — Our opponents will likely rely heavily on default rankings in the draft applet. Adam Levitan explains how to take advantage of that on Sleeper.

* Six Common Auction Mistakes and How to Avoid Them — Auction draft formats are a unique beast. It is fast-paced, involves lightning-quick strategic decision-making, and allows for roster construction possibilities that aren’t possible in a standard snake draft. Chris Eibl delivers six tips to help you with your next auction draft.

* Leone: Late-Round QB is Back — Fantasy’s top QBs have separated themselves from the rest at their position, having dual-threat capabilities. Mike Leone argues that the past few NFL drafts have provided an influx of new young dual-threat QBs that could make 2021 a viable year to utilize the Late-Round QB draft strategy.

* Leone: NFFC Draft Review — Mike Leone took part in his first NFFC Online Championship draft of the year, splitting the team with Ben Gretch. He goes round by round, explaining the thought process behind each pick.

* Leone: Stack the Bengals — Cincinnati was throwing early and often in 2020. Mike Leone expects a similar trend this year — and they added Ja’Marr Chase to the mix. With reasonable ADPs for all their playmakers, Cincinnati is the premier value stack in fantasy.

* Market Report: Industry ADP Change — Player values change over the course of the offseason with breaking news, injuries, training camp hype, etc. Mike Leone makes sense of the adjusting player values, providing insight on ADP movement.

Past Market Reports


* ETR’s Late-Round RB Targets — Knowing which running backs to target late in drafts can pay off big-time. Here is our list of late-round RBs to target in Round 8 and beyond.

* Leone’s Favorite WR Bets at ADP — Mike Leone identifies five WRs he’s looking to draft at their ADPs that he believes are screaming values.

* Miller: The Running Back Dead Zone — One of ETR’s new additions, Jack Miller, discusses the merits of drafting RBs early (in the first two rounds) and then hammering WRs in Rounds 3-6 — in what is called the “Running Back Dead Zone”. He also shares data supporting the strategy.

* Miller: RB Fades — Jack Miller highlights three RBs that are typically being drafted in Rounds 3-6, otherwise known as the RB Dead Zone, that he believes will underperform relative to ADP this upcoming season.

* Miller: Winning RB Archetypes — Jack Miller splits running backs into five different archetypes to figure out which category is the most valuable. He uses best ball win rates to support his case.

* Miller: A Price-Sensitive Definition of Upside — Upside is a word that gets thrown around a lot by fantasy analysts. What does it actually mean? Jack Miller breaks down how we should think about upside, factoring in where we are drafting our players.

* Levitan: Closing Line Value Targets — Adam Levitan shares 14 players he believes are being undervalued right now, and whose ADPs will continue to become more costly as the season draws closer.

* Are Elite Fantasy WRs Dying? — Jack Miller crunches the numbers on whether elite fantasy WRs are going by the wayside. Here are his findings.

* Buy or Sell: Minicamp Superstars — Players like Elijah Moore have picked up significant hype throughout minicamp. Jack Miller tells us whether we should believe or disregard news on some players with the season still a few months away.

* Average Draft Position Reports — Get a grip on what our opponents think of players. Our ADP data comes from real-money sources and is constantly updating. Here is Best Ball ADP, here is Season-Long ADP.


* Levitan: Season-Long Player Props 
–Our Adam Levitan shares some season-long player prop bets he’s already made for the upcoming NFL season. He explains his rationale behind each bet, and why the math backs his selections.

* NFL Awards: Who Wins and Why 2021 — The futures betting props are some of the softest available. But understanding how voters select players for season-long awards is crucial to cashing in on these types of bets. Our Ryan Reynolds shares some trends over the last 11 seasons to help with Player Awards for 2021.

* Reynolds: Preseason MVP Analysis — With the season just around the corner, it’s time to get those MVP bets placed. Ryan Reynolds takes a look at some viable QB options, starting with the betting favorite, Patrick Mahomes.

* Reynolds: Preseason Offensive and Defensive ROY Analysis — Betting analyst Ryan Reynolds delivers everything you need to know regarding this year’s Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year races.

* Reynolds: Preseason Coach of the Year Analysis — Urban Meyer has made some questionable moves during his short tenure as Jaguars head coach. However, the AFC South is wide open in 2021. Could Meyer be worth a Coach of the Year bet at long odds? Ryan Reynolds previews the COY awards market.

* Miller: Why Prop Betting is Profitable — Jack Miller goes over a few gambling misconceptions and offers a deeper explanation of why it’s smart to focus on props as opposed to other markets.

* Reynolds: Early Win Totals & Team Futures — NFL betting expert Ryan Reynolds looks for intriguing odds for team win totals, and gives his take on each team. He takes an in-depth look at each team’s schedule, personnel changes, and much more.

* Reynolds: MVP Award Market — Ryan Reynolds shares his favorite bets for NFL MVP this season and explains why it’s very tough for any player who isn’t a quarterback to win the award.

* Reynolds: Offensive ROY MarketTrevor Lawrence is the favorite to take home the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award for 2021. Ryan Reynolds breaks down Lawrence and 21 other players’ chances of taking home OROY.

* Reynolds: Defensive ROY Market — Though Micah Parsons is the favorite, Ryan Reynolds believes this year’s DROY race is wide open. He touches on the odds for each contender at a number of sportsbooks.

* Reynolds: Comeback Player of the Year Market — The Comeback Player of the Year Award has been dominated by quarterbacks in recent seasons. Ryan Reynolds breaks down the odds of 14 different players heading into the 2021 campaign.

* Reynolds: Coach of the Year Market — Cleveland’s Kevin Stefanski took down the Coach of the Year award last season. Who has the best chance in 2021? Ryan Reynolds breaks down the odds for all 32 head coaches.

* Reynolds: Early Awards Bets — ETR’s betting analyst Ryan Reynolds shares the awards bets he has already placed for this upcoming NFL season, and explains his rationale for making them.


* Amico: How to Win Your Dynasty Startup Draft — ETR’s newest addition Anthony Amico delivers five tips for dynasty league startups.

* Amico: Four Tips for Dynasty Trades — Trading is essential in dynasty leagues. Anthony Amico shares four tips and tricks to use when trying to get a deal done that will facilitate the process.

* Kerrane: Five Dynasty Players to Sell — Are Ezekiel Elliott‘s best days behind him? Zeke could return to his old self in 2021, but Pat Kerrane isn’t sold. Find out who else Kerrane is down on ahead of next season.

* Kerrane: Five Dynasty Players to BuyAntonio Gibson flashed big upside in spurts last season. Pat Kerrane says now is the time to buy the former Memphis Tiger ahead of his sophomore season. Who else cracks his list?



* Herzig’s DraftKings Best Ball Strategy — DraftKings’ Best Ball format is slightly different from Underdog’s — with extra roster spots, differences in scoring, and chances for players to reach yardage bonuses. Justin Herzig shares tips for how to adjust from Underdog to DraftKings.

* Reverse Engineering Extreme RB Strategies on UnderdogHyper Fragile and Zero RB strategies in Best Ball have proven to be very effective. Mike Leone discusses the merits of each strategy and recaps player exposures and advance rates from teams that used such strategies in Underdog’s BBM in 2020.

* Herzig’s Best Ball Portfolio — Justin Herzig is one of the top best ball players out there. Here, he shares the secret sauce for the upcoming season, revealing his player exposures, talking roster construction, and giving explanations as to why he’s drafting players frequently and vice versa.

* Herzig: Five Best Ball Mistakes — ETR’s Best Ball expert Justin Herzig serves up five common Best Ball mistakes he’s seeing in drafts, and explains how to avoid making them yourself.

* Best Ball Strategy: Herzig’s Approach to QBs — Justin Herzig took down the inaugural Best Ball Mania last season. Here, he unveils his strategy for drafting QBs on Underdog.

* Herzig: Five Keys to Winning at Best Ball — Justin Herzig won Underdog’s Best Ball tournament for $200K last season. In this article, he outlines the most important strategies to understand when drafting.

* Leone: Best Ball RB Strategy — How should we be handling the RB position on Underdog? Our Mike Leone explores the viability of both the Hyper Fragile and Zero RB strategies.

* Leone: How and When to Stack in Best Ball — Mike Leone looks at four key questions surrounding stacking in best ball: Is stacking beneficial? Does value matter? How much stacking is too much stacking? Do positions matter?

* Herzig: Drafting From the 12 Spot — It’s tough to win a fantasy league drafting from the 12th spot. Justin Herzig breaks down a hypothetical draft from that position, giving insight into his thought process as he makes his selections.

* Subscriber Underdog Draft Review — Adam Levitan, Justin Herzig, and Mike Leone review an ETR subscriber’s Best Ball Mania draft. The trio diagnose what went right. what went wrong, and teach viewers the best way to approach this tournament.

* Miller: Best Ball Playoff Schedules — Weeks 15-17 are the money-making weeks in Underdog’s Best Ball Mania. Jack Miller takes a look ahead at each team’s schedule, looking for any advantages.

* Optimal Position Allocation: Underdog Fantasy Best Ball — How many players at each position should we draft in an Underdog Best Ball league? Adam Levitan explores.

* Optimal Position Allocation: FFPC Best Ball — FFPC’s unique format extends to Best Ball. How many of each position should we take in a no-transaction league? Adam Levitan explores that question using historical win-rate data.

* ETR’s Top 300 For Underdog Fantasy Best Ball Rankings — Underdog is a brand new Best Ball app which features a $1M Championship tournament. These are our rankings for the format.

* Herzig: 2021 Best Ball Kickoff Draft Recap — Justin Herzig and Mike Leone drafted an FFPC team for the inaugural “Heavy Hitters” best ball draft back in January. Herzig gives his thoughts and analysis on notable picks throughout the entire 28-round draft.